About us

Our Journey

Since our inception in 2013, by then 23 year old Matt Bird, We Are Gntlmen has set out to be more than just a product and more than just something you buy. 

We Are Gntlmen stands for more, it's a quest to re-invent the true gentleman, to encourage a lifestyle built around good ethics and to make a traditional mindset find a place in the modern world, to re-engage behaviours such as chivalry, honesty and integrity along with expressing the importance of good manners, passion and kindness. 

Starting in a spare bedroom in Shropshire, our brand began life embroidering the signature penny farthing logo onto t-shirts, polo shirts and jumpers. Over the course of the years that followed our company started to take shape and found a more structured direction. 

Our first shirt was made in December 2014, with an additional 3 Oxford Shirts being introduced in early 2015. We knew we had to do something different. We knew we needed to stand out, so we made our own fit. The unrivalled cut of our shirts generated a new element to our offering and helped further in the direction of the We Are Gntlmen brand. 

In 2016, we re-purposed our efforts, re-designed our collections and re-launched our brand to focus on what we were good at: shirts. We relocated to a city rife with heritage in the textiles a clothing industry and are now proud to call Manchester our home. 

Nearly two years on from that point, our offering consists of mainly smart-casual shirts, with the recent additions of knitwear, t-shirts and jackets. 

We're focussed on building a brand & not a company. We actively practice what we preach and live and breathe our ethics. We're also using this brand to do good, including our partnership with the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital Charity, which you can read about here.  

Our journey continues on an exciting path & we hope you can join us.