• How To Ace Your Holiday Style (Hint: The Secret’s In How To Pack)

    How To Ace Your Holiday Style (Hint: The Secret’s In How To Pack)

    Holidays are magical. Except for packing. Packing for holidays is not magical and in fact, bad packing can leave you feeling disappointed and frustrated when you get to your destination and find you’re not going to look your best because you haven’t brought the right stuff with you.  Bad packing can also end up costing you extra if you find you’ve left behind something important and now have to go and buy it.  The secret to travelling in style is to think ahead. To ensure you bring with you everything you need and nothing you don’t, so you can be...

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  • Father's Day Gift Guide

    Father's Day Gift Guide

    From changing your nappies to surviving your moody teenager phase, your Dad has been through a lot. While I'm sure you show the Father figure in your life how much you care all year round, the day is fast approaching where we all like to make an extra special effort when it comes to celebrating his awesomeness. However, life can get a little hectic sometimes and time can run away with us. So if you bolted up right this morning (or this is the first you're hearing of it at all...) with the dreaded realisation that you don't have a...

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  • How Dads Dress Well

    How Dads Dress Well

    This was originally going to be a post about how to dress well as an older gentleman. But Dads are not necessarily older! So to celebrate Father’s Day, we’re talking about how to dress well as a Dad of any age. It’s fair to say that if you have teenagers, or remember when your kids were that age, or remember when you were that age yourself, you also remember the odd eye roll at your ‘Dad’ outfits. It’s hard for Dads to be cool in the eyes of their kids - but not impossible. And when you do sort your...

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  • The Gntlman's Handbook: The Commute

    The Gntlman's Handbook: The Commute

    Warning: personal anecdote ahead but stay with me Gents. Last week on my commute, something happened that I would like to address. My train had pulled in, the doors opened and I started to walk off behind a woman with a pram. Out of no where, she was shoved back as a man forced his way past and through the doors in front of us and walked off, in no great hurry, down the platform. Looking a little stunned, another man bent down at the front of the pram and helped the woman lift it off the train. Besides my...

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  • Festival Fashion 2018: First Impressions

    Festival Fashion 2018: First Impressions

    Festival season is here at last! And along with the decision over which bands, which weekends, and which events to choose, there’s the decision over what to wear. Festival fashion is a style genre in its own right, with boho, glitter and wellies fairly reliable choices for both men and women, year in and year out. But each season something new emerges, something that can’t necessarily be predicted from reading magazines or walking the high street, and which announces itself simply by being worn by the people. So last week, I ventured to one of the first festivals of the...

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  • Introducing The Gntlman Of The Month: Jay Pitts

    Introducing The Gntlman Of The Month: Jay Pitts

    Here at We Are Gntlmen, we are passionate about reviving the idea of the true gentleman. Among other traits, he must be honest, chivalrous, well mannered and kind. While we like to practice what we preach, we like to acknowledge others that do too. So we decided it was time to get these Gentlemanly inspirations out there for you all to see. Therefore, at the end of each month, we will name a gent that we think practices our ethics and values our 'Gntlman Of The Month'. So without any further ado, I would like to introduce you to our...

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