• The Essential Collar You NEED To Own: The Button-Down

    The Essential Collar You NEED To Own: The Button-Down

    Fun fact: we have a button-down shirt for every time we say 'collar' in this post... We've enlightened you about the Grandad and we've educated you on mastering the Club. So this week, we're taking a step back and putting everyone's favourite into the spotlight, the button-down collar. Frederick £59 If you didn't know already, while the term 'button-down' has in recent years been used to refer to most shirts in general, it actually refers to the shirt's collar and not its placket. The button-down is one of the most popular shirt styles out there. Featuring a collar that is fastened...

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  • Our Five Favourite Coffee Houses In Manchester

    Our Five Favourite Coffee Houses In Manchester

    If there's one thing we love more than a well fitting shirt, it's coffee. You only have to look at our Instagram account to see that we're a little bit obsessed with the stuff. While some drink it solely for the caffeine kick, 'coffee culture' has rapidly grown into something way bigger. We have important meetings in coffee shops, we meet friends or dates in coffee shops and sometimes we work in coffee shops. With this in mind, we decided we'd do the very excruciating task (note the sarcasm) of conducting a coffee tour of Manchester to find our favourite...

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  • The Grandad Collar: What you need to know.

    The Grandad Collar: What you need to know.

    You fancy something different. You want to stand out. You want heads to turn and you want your mates to look at you, wishing they’d dressed as well as you. Well, read on and we’ll help you tick all of those boxes. A collarless shirt, or a ‘grandad collar’ as it’s now more popularly known, is anything but old fashioned. The popularity of said collarless shirts has increased over the past couple of seasons and we’re now starting to get braver and actually wearing them outside of the fitting room. The purpose of a grandad collar is actually quite clever;...

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  • 5 Ways To Beat The Post World Cup Blues

    5 Ways To Beat The Post World Cup Blues

    We've all had a pretty great few weeks. We had 30 degree heat, bright sunshine and a cornucopia of sporting events to keep us entertained. Not to mention we're now dealing with complex emotional feelings towards the humble waistcoat (thanks Gareth Southgate!) Alas, all good things must come to an end and as we bid farewell to the World Cup and Wimbledon, we're starting to slowly come to terms with our slight beer bellies, event free calenders and the startling realisation of how bad daytime TV really is. This week has had us feeling a little underwhelmed. So to get...

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  • The Pocket Guide To Summer's Top Three Shirts

    The Pocket Guide To Summer's Top Three Shirts

    When the sun started to show, you probably dusted off your sunglasses, dug out your shorts from the back of your wardrobe and then sat wondering what on earth to wear them with this summer. The endless lists of trends for this season can be overwhelming, so today, we've narrowed it down to the top three types of shirts you should definitely have in your wardrobe this summer. And it's your lucky day, because we just so happen to have them all! The Short Sleeve Shirt Short sleeve shirts have had a bad rep in the past, mostly being associated...

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  • Our Six Weekend Getaway Destinations

    Our Six Weekend Getaway Destinations

    The summer holidays are almost upon us and while some of you may be preparing for two weeks away in sunny Portugal. Some of us, well, aren't. Whether you've already been away this year of you've used up your holidays on hangover days, sometimes you can't book more than one day off although you feel like you really need to. So to ease your pain a little and to celebrate the recent launch of our new Weekend Bag (if you haven't heard about this, erm where have you been? But click here) we have put together six of our favourite...

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