• A Gntlman Travels... In Style.

    A Gntlman Travels... In Style.

    Read time: 3 mins Last week we took you inside one of Manchester's most opulent hotels, Hotel Gotham. So this week, we decided we'd carry on the luxury theme. So, naturally, we thought we'd explore how a gent would get to and from his luxe hotel (in style of course). And how else than in none other than a much coveted Rolls-Royce? Now, time for a bit of a history lesson... Since the meeting of engineer Henry Royce and car dealership owner Charles Rolls – in our very own Midland Hotel in Manchester may we add! – there has been...

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  • Let's Talk About Socks.

    Let's Talk About Socks.

    Read time: 3 mins Socks. They're the gift no one wants to receive and sustenance for hungry washing machines. Socks have a reputation for being quite, well, boring. But why? When you think about it, aside from underwear, they're pretty much an everyday essential. Here at We Are Gntlmen HQ, we're rather fond of the humble sock. We do share an office with the brilliant Stand4socks, so we could be a little bias, but nevertheless we love them. For the most part, we rely on socks daily and the world practically ends if you look in your drawer to find...

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  • A Gntlman Travels...Hotel Gotham, Manchester.

    A Gntlman Travels...Hotel Gotham, Manchester.

    King Street, Manchester is known for its luxury. Formally home to Manchester's banking industry, the grand and elaborate buildings are now home to high end designer and high street stores. There is one building, however, that has served a very different purpose. Hotel Gotham stands tall at the top of King St at number 100. Once home to the Midland Bank, the listed building is now home to one of Manchester's most  opulent and unique hotels favoured by many a VIP. And it just so happens we were granted access to this exclusive hotel to give you a glimpse inside...

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  • In Focus: Hamilton

    In Focus: Hamilton

    Read Time: 3 mins I know, I know. We're in August and the sun is (mostly) shining. So you may be wondering “why are you talking about black shirts?!”. Firstly, as much as we hate to admit it, Autumn will be here before you know it. Secondly, just because it's summer doesn't mean you can't wear a black shirt! Oh, and we have the perfect one in mind. Hamilton. Hamilton is a slim fitting black dress shirt crafted from the finest cotton (as always). To allow for a snug but comfortable fit, we combined 97% cotton and 3% elastane; giving...

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  • It's Time To Switch Off

    It's Time To Switch Off

    We all know that one self proclaimed “workaholic”. Maybe it's you, your friend or eager beaver Allen who sits at the desk behind. In fact, just today, one of the We Are Gntlmen team received an email telling him “you need to enjoy some down time.” This got us thinking, for us workaholics out there, how do we actually switch off? Whether you work a 9-5 or not, it's important for your health – both mentally and physically – to take some time off. So with that in mind, here is our (flexible) evening schedule to give you some ideas on how...

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  • Your Summer Holiday Outfit Guide

    Your Summer Holiday Outfit Guide

    Your destination is sorted and your passport has finally come out of that 'safe place' you put it after your last trip. Now, it's time to pack. There are two types of people when it comes to packing: the meticulous planning types and the 'throw it in a suitcase and hope it works' types. If you're the latter, then this post is for you. We're going to run through five outfits for five different destinations to help you be a little more like the meticulous planners out there. Except, rejoice gents, we've gone and done all the work for you!...

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