• Nailing That Important First Impression

    Nailing That Important First Impression

    Read time: 4 mins Seven seconds, thirty seconds, or the blink of an eye. You have probably heard different things about how long it takes for a first impression to be made. But no matter how long it takes one thing is for sure. They matter. Whether in a job interview, on a first date or the subject of coffee shop people watchers (guilty...) everyone has that initial opinion of you. It might not matter what the strangers you'll never see again think, but in certain situations, a good first impression is vital! So today, we're sharing our top three...

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  • Refresh Your 'Back To Work' Wardrobe

    Refresh Your 'Back To Work' Wardrobe

    Read time: 3 mins September is a month of 'backs-tos'. You're back from holiday, so it's back to work, back to school, back to... well you get the idea. Accepting the summer is pretty much over doesn't come easily. But instead of dismally scrolling through your phones photo album or refusing to pack away your flip flops, it's time to get yourself feeling fresh and raring to go. And the best way to do that? Refreshing your work wardrobe. Looking good on you first day back will have you feeling confident and ready to take on anything. So today, we've got four ways you...

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  • Gntlman Of The Month: Stormzy

    Gntlman Of The Month: Stormzy

    Read time: 2.5 mins Another month has passed, so that means another Gntlman Of The Month must be crowned. We didn't have much difficulty deciding who it would be for August as when we opened up our news apps earlier this month, the answer was staring us right in the face. And that answer was British rapper, Stormzy. Stormzy, real name *takes deep breath * Michael Ebenazer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Jr. (nailed it!) is known for his vocalisation on political and social issues. Just earlier this year, he delivered an unforgettable – and very blunt – closing show at the...

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  • Our Top 5 Favourites For Autumn

    Our Top 5 Favourites For Autumn

    Read time: 3 mins If you've wandered down any high street or into any department store lately, you've probably noticed the abundance of autumn/winter styles adorning mannequins. We've resigned ourselves to the fact that summer is over and now we're really starting to embrace the new season. Earlier this week, we outlined our top picks for this season in entertainment – if you've not seen that post, click here after you've finished this one! So now you've got the places to be and the things to look forward to, what are you going to wear for them? Well, we've got...

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  • Your Guide To New Releases: Autumn

    Your Guide To New Releases: Autumn

    Read time: 3 mins With a new season comes an abundance of events and new releases, so much so that it can be hard to choose your favourites. So for today's post we've narrowed down some of the best new releases in entertainment that are coming your way this autumn. Whether you've got a date planned, a day out with friends or a quiet night to yourself, read on for the lowdown of some of the movies, TV shows, events and more that we're looking forward for the next few months. Movies Venom (5thOctober) - It's about time we got...

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  • Wardrobe Transition Guide: Summer To Autumn.

    Wardrobe Transition Guide: Summer To Autumn.

    Read time: 3 mins Late summer is an awkward time for us Brits. The weather changes its mind more than an MTV award show host changes outfits and it leaves use feeling pretty perplexed. The worst part of late summer is deciding what can wear. You may find yourself looking on the Met Office only to see that it will feel like 20 degrees but bucket it down from 3pm onwards. So, do you go for shorts or a poncho? (Not a combination I would advise unless in Alton Towers by the way). We empathise completely, so today, we're giving...

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