• What Collar for What Occasion?

    What Collar for What Occasion?

    This is a question I am asked repeatedly so today I am going to give you my thoughts on what collar you should be wearing for what occasion. Now gents, as with anything style related, this is open to opinion so don’t hold it against me if you don’t agree!    BUSINESS UP FRONT So let’s get down to business (excuse the pun) and talk about what collar you should be wearing to your big interview or client meeting.   I hate to be the bearer of bad news but unfortunately during the week personal style really should take a...

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  • The Year Of The Mini-Break.

    The Year Of The Mini-Break.

      We don’t know about you but here are We Are Gntlmen HQ it’s already been a crazy busy start to the year and to be honest, we feel like we’re due a few weekends away! We’ve decided that this year we’re going to make the most of our weekends and venture to some new places. This year we’re encouraging you to discover some new places too so here are three of our top cities we have already visited and we reckon you should too…. Go on, you deserve it!    ALBI, FRANCE   Before you ask, no, I haven’t selected...

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  • If The Shoe Fits

    If The Shoe Fits

    Pardon the obvious statement here, but shoes, they're an essential part to everybody's outfit. No matter what the occasion. We can sometimes become overwhelmed with the choice of different shoe type but most will already have a preference as to what shoe suits them.  Shoes, should without doubt be chosen wisely and be an investment. You'll be wearing your favourite pair most days, so it's always wise to chose the ones that are going to be able to keep up with you, stay strong and look good throughout the journey.  Here are our 5 favourite styles and the shirt we...

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  • The Key To A Successful Day.

    The Key To A Successful Day.

    "Some days I amaze myself. Others, I put my keys in the fridge!' Your alarm goes off at 6am.  "How many times can I hit snooze before i'm late" I hear you ask yourself.  We've all been there, waking up in the morning, feeling totally oblivious to the outside world and our surroundings and just wishing for another hour in bed. More so in these colder, winter months as 6am could easily pass as midnight as you look out of the window.  There's no set formula for this to stop happening, but here's how we think you can help yourself. ...

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  • A Weekend Away?

    A Weekend Away?

    A weekend away is great for the body, mind and soul and the perfect opportunity to explore a new town, city or country. Whether you're with a friend, a loved one, or just enjoying your own company, you'll be able to reap the benefits from a change of scenery and a break from normality.  Wherever you go, you should do so in style. Your choice of outfits to take are important, but so are the bags that you take them in. Here are our picks.  1 - Barbour Wax Cotton Explorer - £119.20 This is a perfect bag for a...

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  • Accessories You Need In Your Life

    Accessories You Need In Your Life

    Now, more so than ever, we're paying a lot of attention to our wardrobes & really making the effort to dress well at all times. And rightly so.  It's sometimes a tricky choice and many of us gents are now embracing multiple styles, we're not being defined by a certain dress sense. The choices are endless, the combinations are many and chasing the right style for the right occasion can sometimes be a bit of a headache.  We're firm believers in keeping it simple at all times, but we also like to really dive into accessories to add bit of...

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