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    *Please note: before we get into this post we would just like to say that if you are suffering from anything that is affecting your emotional or mental state or if you know someone who might be, please speak out and seek help and advice.   “Look good. Feel good. Do good.” As many of you know, these are the words we live by. Naturally, for our Sunday style posts we focus strongly on the 'look good' part. However, as it was World Mental Health Day earlier this week we thought today we would touch on something a little different. Feeling...

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  • A City Gntlman's Guide To Country Style

    A City Gntlman's Guide To Country Style

    Here at WAG HQ, we're fond of the city life. Your morning coffee joint is just around the corner, on your break you head to the shops and well, you're pretty much never short of anything to do. It's a pretty easy time of it. It's made eveneasier when your city job has a dress code. You know exactly what you can wear so that means less time in the wardrobe and some extra Zs in the morning (score!). But sometimes, we all need a change. An escape to the country perhaps? But when you've booked that retreat in, say,...

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  • Autumn Wardrobe Essentials: Stripes

    Autumn Wardrobe Essentials: Stripes

    After touching on this topic slightly last week, we thought we would dedicate a whole blog post to a pattern that, personally, we love. Stripes. Before we start, here's a quick factoid for your next pub quiz... In the past, stripes were actually associated with outcasts of society. It wasn't until the 1800s that people started to adopt stripes in their everyday wear. Since then – and thanks to the help of some very notable designers – stripes became more and more popular to the point that, now, they're everywhere. That's the beauty of investing in stripes; they're around season...

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  • It's Here: Your Guide To Autumn Knitwear.

    It's Here: Your Guide To Autumn Knitwear.

    Read time: 3 mins Hurrah! Knitwear season has arrived. Summer's great and all, but for those of us who have a penchant for all things knitted, Autumn is where it's at. Knitwear thrives in this season as we've not quite made it to the realms of 'hide it all under a huge coat', so your jumpers can really shine. As we're based in the North of England, we know that sometimes just a shirt and lightweight jacket isn't an option. We need that extra bit of warmth against that biting wind. So once we perfected our shirts, we set about...

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  • Look Good & Feel Good Whilst Doing Good

    Look Good & Feel Good Whilst Doing Good

    As you gents may know, earlier this year we announced our partnership with The Royal Manchester Children's Hospital Charity and the creation of our charity shirt 'Humphrey'. Well, we're back today to deliver some more good news. We have made it into the final for the Charity's Many Hands competition! *does tiny victory dance at desk* So, you may be wondering what the Many Hands competition is. Let us enlighten you. Many Hands is a corporate fundraising campaign created by the charity. It encourages local north western businesses to participate in raising money for the children at the Royal Manchester...

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  • In Focus: The Cutaway Collar

    In Focus: The Cutaway Collar

    Read time: 3 mins Here at We Are Gntlmen, we love something that will get you noticed. And what's one of our favourite ways to do that? A cutaway collar. Traditionally considered a more formal collar style, we decided we wanted to give the not-so-subtle cutaway more time in the spotlight. Much to the dismay of the conventional gents out there we're sure, we've taken the distinctive design and paired it with more casual fabrics, giving the collar an informal makeover as it were. And – without sounding too bold – we think it's worked out pretty finely indeed. So,...

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