Your Summer Holiday Outfit Guide

Your Summer Holiday Outfit Guide

Your destination is sorted and your passport has finally come out of that 'safe place' you put it after your last trip. Now, it's time to pack.

There are two types of people when it comes to packing: the meticulous planning types and the 'throw it in a suitcase and hope it works' types.

If you're the latter, then this post is for you.

We're going to run through five outfits for five different destinations to help you be a little more like the meticulous planners out there. Except, rejoice gents, we've gone and done all the work for you!


Italians are known for their sharp and influential dress sense, so it can be a little intimidating when you're trying to not to look like a tourist in a sea of dapper gents.

So what's your secret weapon when it comes to nailing the Italian vibe? Tailoring.

No matter what time of year, suits are everywhere. For summer, lightweight suiting is best, so think sports jackets and breathable cotton. Linen suits are also great if you don't mind the ironing. Add a comfy pair of loafers and your favourite sunglasses and people will be thinking you're a local!

British Coast

Possibly the hardest place to dress for during the summer. Is it hot or cold? Raining or sunny?
No one bloody knows.

For the British summertime, a shirt and chinos are your best friends. This classic combo is light enough for any potential heat wave but will dry off pretty quickly should you get caught in a downpour.

To prepare for the temperature drop in the evening, wrap a Breton jumper around your shoulders and slip it on when needed. Fish and chips are optional.


Time to turn up the heat! Some believe it's hard to dress for a really hot country and still look stylish and while it does take a bit more prep, it's certainly doable!

The key to this kind of holiday dressing is breathable fashion because, well, perspiration. For those understated gents out there, our striped short sleeve 'Clarence' is made of a seersucker cotton so light you'll barely even notice you've got it on.

If you're someone who prefers something a little louder, don't shy away from a fun and bright pattern short sleeve. Be sure to make it more Vogue than souvenir shop though.

Linen shirts are also great for a smarter alternative when you're lounging around the beach bar. Now, pass me my Pina Colada!


Lying somewhere between suave Italian and casual-cool British attire, French Riviera fashion is the perfect balance.

The best thing about this kind of holiday is the minimal colour palette, making it super easy to pack. Think neutrals like stone and beige contrasted with a deep rich navy. If you do want to play around with colour, keep it pale and unobtrusive.

We think our Oxford shirt range is perfect for this destination. Pair one with some chino shorts, driving shoes and your go to timepiece.

Central Europe

Just because it's summer doesn't mean you have to go somewhere by the coast. City hopping around central Europe is fun, cultural and great in a group or solo.

You'll want something that's easy to pack and re-wearable. T-shirts are great for just rolling up in your bag and then you're good to go. Plus, they go with pretty much anything you could possible wear on your bottom half, so you're options are open.

Throw on a pair of comfy and clean white trainers and you're all set for some sightseeing.

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