Your Guide To New Releases: Autumn

Your Guide To New Releases: Autumn

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With a new season comes an abundance of events and new releases, so much so that it can be hard to choose your favourites. So for today's post we've narrowed down some of the best new releases in entertainment that are coming your way this autumn.

Whether you've got a date planned, a day out with friends or a quiet night to yourself, read on for the lowdown of some of the movies, TV shows, events and more that we're looking forward for the next few months.


Venom (5thOctober) -
It's about time we got a super villain movie that actually looks like it might live up to our expectations. The movie tells the story of reporter Eddie Brock (played by Tom Hardy) after he becomes a host to an alien (or symbiote for all you Marvel fans out there) giving him superpowers as long as the two remain in the same body. Expect lots of fighting and teeth.

First Man (2ndNovember) -
Directed by Damien Chazelle (director of LaLa Land), First Man explores NASA's mission to land a man on the moon and follows the lives of Neil Armstrong (played by Ryan Gosling) and the rest of the crew of Apollo 11 until the launch in 1969.


Manchester Food and Drink Festival (27thSeptember - 8thOctober) & Oktoberfest (10th- 14thOctober)
Summer may be the season to don your wellies and pack your tents for music festivals but autumn is the season to dig out the comfy trousers and delve into ALL the food and drink.

The Manchester Food and Drink Festival returns to celebrate it's 21stanniversary, taking place in Albert Square. From delectable gins, fine wines and an eclectic mix of foods from around the world on offer, this is not to be missed. There's also live music and events on offer city wide, so grab your friends and get eating!

And with the arrival of October comes Oktoberfest. Delve into German tradition (and beer) with this four day long festival which is bound to get you revved up for the Christmas markets in December.

Video Games

Spider-Man (7thSeptember - we swear we're not usually this Marvel obsessed)
Superhero video games get a bit of a bad rep. But we're hoping the release of a new Spider-Man will redeem the genre. With impressive graphics, multi character play and a plethora of villains to battle, we're holding out hope for this one. Plus it comes out on a Friday, so we'll have the whole weekend to don our Spidey suits (we are joking but hey, you do you).

TV Shows

Maniac (21stSeptember on Netflix)
If you combined two great comedy actors with a premise akin to that of a Black Mirror episode, you'd probably get 'Maniac'. Jonah Hill and Emma Stone star as two mentally ill strangers who decide to participate in a strange drug trial to help solve all of their problems. However, things (of course) don't go to plan.

American Horror Story: Apocalypse (27thSeptember on Fox)
Personally, we think the thrill of AHS died down a bit. But with the eighth season of the show promising to be a mash up of the show's debut season Murder House and one of it's most popular seasons, Coven, we're really looking forward to delving back into Ryan Murphy's eerie world.

Other releases and events we're keen on:
Exhibitions – Science Uncovered (Manchester Museum on 28thSeptember)
Gadgets – Google Pixel 3 (sometime in October)

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