A Weekend Away?

A Weekend Away?

A weekend away is great for the body, mind and soul and the perfect opportunity to explore a new town, city or country. Whether you're with a friend, a loved one, or just enjoying your own company, you'll be able to reap the benefits from a change of scenery and a break from normality.
Wherever you go, you should do so in style. Your choice of outfits to take are important, but so are the bags that you take them in.

Here are our picks.

1 - Barbour Wax Cotton Explorer - £119.20

This is a perfect bag for a quick getaway. Grab your underwear and a wash bag, throw them in and get yourself on the road. An ideal pick for a spontaneous jaunt to the country side for a relaxing break, walking, pub lunches and Sunday snoozes.

2 - Ted Baker Raised Edge Leather Holdall - £240

Dash straight from work to the station and be on your way. We love the classiness of this Ted Baker holdall, simple, elegant and high quality - everything that we're about. It's an investment and one that will last for a while yet and serve you well, wherever you may decide to take it.

3 - JimBag Black on Black Holdall - £49.99

The perfect bag for the activity lover and the exploration weekend. Finding the balance between fitness and fashion, it offers a stylish alternative to your functional requirements, but something you'd be comfortable throwing your trainers into. The Union Jack sits well with us, giving a subtle nod to good old Great Britain.

4 - Forbes & Lewis Somerset Holdall - £160

If you like a heritage & rugged feel, this one's for you. A leather / canvas holdall with distressed features and rough textures will work for your international breaks. Don't worry about scratching it, trying to fit it into the already full over head lockers, every mark and scratch adds character and feature to this little gem.

5 - Globetrotter Centenary Trolley Case - £1095

This one's for the serious traveler and one who loves a good British brand. Priced at £1100, you're going to want to be on a plane, a train or a boat more often than not, so you can get your full value out of it. With enough space to pack clothes for two people, you only have to worry about buying one of them. 
The simple design, the attention to detail and the heritage feel that exudes through the case, makes it worth every penny. 

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