Wardrobe Transition Guide: Summer To Autumn.

Wardrobe Transition Guide: Summer To Autumn.

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Late summer is an awkward time for us Brits. The weather changes its mind more than an MTV award show host changes outfits and it leaves use feeling pretty perplexed.

The worst part of late summer is deciding what can wear. You may find yourself looking on the Met Office only to see that it will feel like 20 degrees but bucket it down from 3pm onwards. So, do you go for shorts or a poncho?
(Not a combination I would advise unless in Alton Towers by the way).

We empathise completely, so today, we're giving you a helping hand with four key factors for you to consider for this late summer to early autumn transition.


During summer, when it comes to fabrics, the lighter the better. You want to feel like your clothes are barely touching you. But as the days start to get a little cooler, slightly thicker fabrics are your saviour. But it's not quite minus 5 yet so put the cable knit down!

You want fabrics that will keep you warm when it's cooler and vice versa in this unpredictable weather. Swapping your linen shirt for a thicker yet breathable cotton like an Oxford or a lighter flannel is perfect for this. That way you will be comfortable on warmer days but still keep the goose bumps at bay.


The fun part for some gents, layering. This season is the time to experiment with layering patterns, fabrics and colours before you have to hide it all under a thick warm coat come December.

One way to layer is the tried and true classic combination of shirt over tee for the ultimate casual yet practical look.
Another obvious fix for transitioning is adding a soft jumper to your outfit like our Breton jumper, Hampton. The knit is thick enough to keep out the cold without turning you into a sweaty mess as soon as you walk indoors and can be worn casually around the shoulders should it become sunny.


A lot of people reserve any colours to summer, and that's that. As soon as September hits it's like the saturation drains from our wardrobes. Well that shouldn't be the case!

You can still wear colour and not look like you should be hitting the beach in Barbados. Replacing your pale pastels and bold brights with warmer more subdued shades is a great way to brighten up your look. Think burgundy, mustard and khaki green with darker denim.


Unfortunately, no matter how much you don't want to, you are now going to have to swap some of your summer staples for more autumn appropriate ones.

So this means putting away the flip flops for another year and sticking to trainers (or even boots), swapping shorts for jeans and bare arms to a lightweight jacket.

Another swap can be replacing your summer cap with another form of headwear. Whether it be a Flat Cap, Fedora or otherwise, a hat can make you look like you put a lot of thought into your outfit, even if you haven't. Plus, no one needs to know you just couldn't be bothered to wash your hair that morning.

And with that we bid you farewell for another week but don't forget to check back next Sunday for another #stylesunday post.

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