The Three "F's" For Crafting The Perfect Shirt

The Three "F's" For Crafting The Perfect Shirt

Here at We Are Gntlmen, we know that every Gent is different, both physically and in their lifestyle. From business professionals to on the go musicians to rough and tumble Rugby players, we have created shirts to suit whatever your build or profession and will see you through whatever your day may bring. To do this, we bear three F's in mind: fit, fabric and finishing touches.


Slim fit, traditional fit, full fit, tailored fit.

With so many styles and cuts of shirt out there it can be hard to know which is the right one for you. As someone who has spent their life being in between sizes, I know how frustrating it can be when you consistently find great looking clothes that end up being too big in some places and too small in others. Then inevitably when you find the perfect fitting item the store will discontinue it or change the way they produce it.

This was my 1st order with We Are Gntlmen, and it will not be my last. Shirt came promptly, and was in quality packaging. The shirt looks and feels great, and fits perfectly.”

That's why we wanted to be a little different. We wanted to create a shirt that wasn't too tight and restricting or baggy and billowing around the body. So we created our signature fit simply named 'Our Fit'.

The shirt is made with real quality and fits perfect. I am 6ft3 of athletic build and bought a Large.”

Falling somewhere between slim and tailored, 'Our Fit' is the perfect balance of a slim silhouette that still gives you room to breathe (take that food babies!). All of our shirts are made in the same fit whatever the fabric, whether long sleeve or short. Speaking of sleeves, ours are also ever so slightly longer than average. Helping to avoid looking like you're trying to fit into your old school shirt.

Great quality and perfect fit. Would 100% recommend”


If the shirt fits, that's enough right? We could talk about our signature fit until we're blue in the face, but it's no good having a great fitting shirt if it's going to rip on your first wear. That's why we only use the best quality fabrics we can find. Scouring the globe to source only the best materials to work with. We know our customers won't settle for anything but the best so we don't either.

So whether it's our Oxford cotton 'Victor' or our first lightweight linen shirt, 'Peter', you'll always find them made from the most durable and highest quality fabrics. Meaning that, if you're having a bit of a rough day, you'll always feel a perk of confidence when you look in the mirror and look great!

The shirts are f**king great! They're the only ones that don't rip when I crowd surf,” - Frank Turner

Finishing Touches

Finally, we all love the little details. Whether it's the garnish on a G&T, the perfect pair of sunglasses to finish off your look, or perhaps our own penny farthing logo? We stitch each logo onto all of our shirts. Making it a subtle but noticeable detail either on the cuff, left breast or the back of the collar.

On the subject of collars, we like to have one suitable for any eventuality. We make our shirts as versatile as possible so you know that when you invest in one you can wear it for all kinds of events and occasions. Take our Irving shirt, for example, with a more formal cut-away collar which we have adapted to suit a more casual environment by adding it to a denim shirt.

So from Grandad to Club, we've got a shirt for you.

Amazing fit! Fantastic fitting shirts, great feel and stylish unique brand!”

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