The Royal Essentials: What To Wear To A Royal Wedding Party.

The Royal Essentials: What To Wear To A Royal Wedding Party.

I don't know if you've heard but one of the biggest events of the season is happening this Saturday. No gents, despite what you may be hoping, I'm not referring to the FA Cup Final. I'm talking about The Royal Wedding of course. This Saturday is the day our very own “relatable” Royal Prince Harry is set to marry his actress fiancé Meghan Markle.

There has been plenty of buzz around the event and naturally we're taking the opportunity to break out the champagne and celebrate. If you happen to be attending a Royal wedding party this weekend, you've got to make sure you dress the part. So who better to influence your style than the Groom!

When he isn't wearing his polo uniform or the logo of one of the many charities he works with, Prince Harry's style is very classic and polished. He favours a smart casual approach, mostly being spotted in a shirt and trouser ensemble in very neutral colours. In short, he has his go to essentials to ensure he's always looking dapper. So today we've picked out our three royal essentials; suitable for any Royal wedding party and inspired by the Prince himself.


The Shirt

First up, you need a base for the look and for most of his public appearances Harry is seen wearing some kind of shirt. Whether styled with a complimentary tie or rolled up sleeves and the top button undone, a smart casual shirt is an essential in the Prince's wardrobe and should be in yours too. Here we've picked our 'Rupert' white Oxford. The brother of 'Victor', 'Rupert' is a little more formal with all white branded buttons and contrast stitching on the third button and our classic Penny Farthing logo. Making this your must have essential not only for a Royal wedding party but wedding season in general.

The Jumper

When taking a more casual approach, Harry often swaps out a blazer in favour of knitwear. This is also a great way to inject a little more colour into your look if you want to. Above, Harry can be seen layering a royal blue jumper over his white shirt. Where can I get a jumper like that, you may ask? Our 'Bennet' jumper in Moroccan blue is not only the perfect addition to your wardrobe essentials but allows you to pull inspiration straight from Harry's look. To show a bit of love for our country and because we believe that it's the little details that matter, we've also added a small Union Jack label to the left seam.

The Jacket

Red-headed Prince Harry in a jacket on a chilly day. The only way this photo could get any more British is if it has a pug drinking tea in a red phone box (if this photo exists please someone send it to us!). Our third and final essential is something to keep the evening chill off if you're thinking of keeping the party going until the early hours. Our 'Dalton' jacket is padded enough to save you the discomfort of goose bumps whilst you celebrate but lightweight enough for you to move freely so you can dance the night away. Just be prepared for your moves to be on everyone's Instagram Stories on Sunday.

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