The Pocket Guide To Summer's Top Three Shirts

The Pocket Guide To Summer's Top Three Shirts

When the sun started to show, you probably dusted off your sunglasses, dug out your shorts from the back of your wardrobe and then sat wondering what on earth to wear them with this summer.

The endless lists of trends for this season can be overwhelming, so today, we've narrowed it down to the top three types of shirts you should definitely have in your wardrobe this summer. And it's your lucky day, because we just so happen to have them all!

The Short Sleeve Shirt

Short sleeve shirts have had a bad rep in the past, mostly being associated with NASA control room operators and pageboys, but they're back and in a big way.

Our short sleeve shirt 'Clarence' has quickly become one of our best sellers and an essential we definitely think you should have in your wardrobe.

Best Paired With - This shirt is more of a casual to smart-casual piece. They're perfect styled with a pair of shorts and boat shoes (don't know what shoes to wear with your shorts? Click here). However, they also look great for more smart-casual occasions. Pair yours with some chinos and loafers or wear it buttoned all the way up with dress trousers and brown brogues for an even smarter look. Like long sleeves, these shirts are pretty flexible with whether you tuck or untuck them, so it's just personal preference.

Things To Remember - It is an absolute no-no to wear your short sleeve with a tie unless you're wanting to look like an extra in 'The Office'. Also, with the more casual nature of the shirt it doesn't lend itself to more formal occasions, so we suggest avoiding that.

Great For - Those days where you want to look dapper but stay cool. Donning your short sleeve by the beach for a casual and breathable 'French Riviera' vibe will definitely have you turning some heads for all the right reasons.

Want more tips on short sleeve shirts? Check out our What To Wear Wednesday video below.

The Linen Shirt

The ultimate summer fabric. As soon as linen appears then you know summer is here. Linen shirts are a great alternative to your usual poplin or oxford cotton that may be too thick or stuffy for the hotter months.

'Peter' is our first linen shirt and comes in a cream shade and will soon be available in white.

Best Paired With - Linen shirts will be you best friend this summer because they can be worn with mostly anything. They're great paired with shorts with rolled up sleeves or you can wear one open over a tee for the ultimate 'I just threw this on and it looks great' look. Colour is worth thinking about when styling this fabric. While a white linen shirt looks great for a smart summer event a khaki one will look like you just came back from a trek through the Amazon.

Things To Remember - It's all about fabric care. Linen shirts creese so you can't just throw them on and go. For best results, iron on a high heat with lots of steam. Bearing this in mind, decide whether to tuck or untuck your shirt before ironing or you will undo all of your hard work.

Great For - Summer drinks at the weekend. It will be the perfect balance between summer casual and dressy night out. Linen shirts can also lend themselves to formal events if the dress code or location permits. If you go for this option wear a lighter weight suit and neckwear.

Check out the video below for more linen shirt styling tips.

The Summer Colour Shirt

Summer comes hand in hand with colour and with different variations ranging from brights to pastels, colour can be a very overwhelming thing. The key is to know what suits you and how to style it to avoid looking like Coco The Clown.

All of the colours in our range are chosen to suit the majority of skin tones and occasions so they're pretty flexible.

Best Paired With - To ease yourself in, stick to something less intense. Paler tones are much easier to style than bold brights. When styling, balance a lighter colour out with a darker or neutral shade. Pink shirts go great with navy or light grey trousers and green shirts look best with brown accessories. You can also add a complimentary colour else were in your outfit but keep it subtle. You don't want a Joker type colour clash on your hands.

Things To Remember - Pick your colours based on your own colouring. Cooler skin tones work well with cooler shades and the same goes for warmer tones. It's also worth noting that pastels may wash out paler skin as will browns for darker skin tones, but these rules don't necessarily stick. Just experiment with what suits you and if you're struggling, ask the opinion of someone you trust.

Great For - Anything! Unless it's black tie or a funeral, colour is welcome in all settings. So go to town!

Now you've got your summer shirt styles sorted, don't undo all of your hard work with a bad fit. To read all about the fit and quality of our shirts, click here.

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