The Grandad Collar: What you need to know.

The Grandad Collar: What you need to know.

You fancy something different. You want to stand out. You want heads to turn and you want your mates to look at you, wishing they’d dressed as well as you.

Well, read on and we’ll help you tick all of those boxes.

A collarless shirt, or a ‘grandad collar’ as it’s now more popularly known, is anything but old fashioned. The popularity of said collarless shirts has increased over the past couple of seasons and we’re now starting to get braver and actually wearing them outside of the fitting room.

The purpose of a grandad collar is actually quite clever; originally being invented to allow a separation between collar and shirt, allowing the wearer to change collar style should he so wish. It seems that that trend has been left in the past and we now move forward with it as a style in its own right.

We get it, it’s a little scary at first and you don’t know if it’s going to suit you or if it’s going to send you on your way to looking like a vicar, but gents, embrace it.

Here’s a couple of ways you can wear a shirt with a grandad collar.

1) Tip top.

Just go for it. Button it up all the way to the top, show off the collar (or lack of!) and any fancy buttoning you may or may not have on the shirt….

Suitable for an occasion a little more formal and where you really want to be noticed.

Pick a crisp white number, pair with some deep navy fitted, slightly cropped trousers and a subtle patterned jacket or blazer to wear over the top, giving you a traditional, yet modern approach.

Keep it tucked it and looking sharp at all times.

2) Loosen up.

Probably most suitable for the majority of your evenings out. You want to be comfortable, so don’t feel the need to do all of your buttons up. Leave the first 1-3 undone, roll the sleeves up and keep it untucked.

Effortlessly pair with your go to pair of jeans and shoes and the night is yours.
The effect of the g-dad collar will still be noticed and your style choices won’t be overlooked, trust us!

3) Just throw it on.

Somedays, you just want to make minimal effort, but still maintain the maximum impact. This is the most casual approach yet and a sensible one for a hot day when you’ve got a gazillion errands to run.

Opt for a plain, block colour tshirt, some dark chino’s and a clean pair of white trainers. You can literally throw your shirt on over the top and you don’t even have to spend 1 more second thinking about your buttons. If that’s not ideal, I really don’t know what is.

So with that in mind, It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and try a grandad collar before become, well, a Grandad.

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