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  • The Gntlmen's Gangster: Thomas Shelby
  • Post author
    Matt Bird

The Gntlmen's Gangster: Thomas Shelby

The Gntlmen's Gangster: Thomas Shelby
Manchester was all a quiver with excitement last week when filming of the 4th series of Peaky Blinders commenced in our very own Northern Quarter. We'd be lying if we said we didn't sneak out to try to catch a glimpse of Cillian Murphy aka Thomas Shelby. After all, our Shelby Shirts are named in his honour so it is clear we are pretty big fans. They may have been ruthless gangsters but the Peaky Blinders sure knew how to dress. So here is the Gntlmen's guide to getting a touch of the Thomas Shelby look without the lethal weapons. 

The Hair Cut 

One way of bringing a touch of the Thomas Shelby to your style is to go for an undercut on your next trip to the barbers. If you're unsure whether it will suit you, you don't have to go full Shelby straight away. Just test the water. Get the sides cut shorter than the top, but not to the skin. 
If you've been debating going for an undercut, we've found this informative post on the Men's Hair Style Trends blog, 21 New Undercut Hairstyles for Men. There is an undercut in there for every gent and for every occasion. 

The Boots 

Thomas Shelby's preferred footwear is a pair of cap toe, leather half boots. 
A quality pair of leather boots is essential in a Gntlman's wardrobe. And they only get better with age, so wear them to the office whilst they are in pristine condition and then for more casual occasions as they get a little more battered and worn. 
We like these from London-based label H Shoes by Hudson.

The Shirt 

As was the style in the 1920's, Thomas Shelby and gang wear round collared shirts with a detachable stiff collar. Their collars are always bright white and the pinstripes are muted in colour, in pale blue or lavender. 
We designed our 2 Shelby Shirts as a homage to the man himself. They really are the perfect round collar shirts, and there is no need for the faff of a detachable collar. The striped body (in either purple or blue) and white contrast collar and cuff add a little Shelby swagger to the classic shirt wearing gent. 
"You better not have razor blades in that fedora"
Two of our dapper Gntlmen are pictured above wearing Shelby Shirts, available to buy on our website for £39.99 with free delivery in the UK. 
£39.99 + Free UK Shipping 
£39.99 + Free UK Shipping 

The Peaked Cap 

The Peaky Blinders are so named because they are believed to have stitched razor blades into the peak of their flat caps so they could use them as weapons in a ruckus.
Now, a Gntlman doesn't fight, and he certainly doesn't go around brandishing sharp objects (read our 5 Top Tips on How to be a True Gent if you're unsure of the protocol).
But we do love a hat, particularly a flat cap, so leave your Gillette in one piece and keep your flat cap seams in tact. 
Go for a tweed or wool flat cap, ideally an 8 piece News Boy or Baker Boy. No bright colours as you're emulating a look from the 1920's in impoverished Birmingham. Colours are muted and materials are rough and ready, just like the man himself.  

Less is More

But always remember gents- it is a fine line between adding a touch of 1920's gangster to your style and looking like you're on your way to fancy dress party.
We are aiming for this...
not this...
If in doubt, get in touch with our gents for style advice, or leave a comment below. 
  • Post author
    Matt Bird

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