The Gntlman's Guide To The World Cup 2018

The Gntlman's Guide To The World Cup 2018

With our beloved England squad going into their third and final match of the group stage in this year's FIFA World Cup, it's safe to say there will be a fair few of you tuning in to watch the game (biggest understatement of the century right there!).

So whether you've already got the beers in or you're rounding up the guys for a trip to the pub, here's our Gntlman's Guide to help you survive tomorrow's match and the rest of the World Cup 2018.

 Location is Key

Assuming you haven't jetted off to Russia, you have two options.
To some people, the pub is their idea of hell. Your local will most likely be full of raucous fans who have consumed a keg of beer each and for whom deodorant seems to be a distant memory. However, it will also be full of atmosphere, alcohol and for once most people will be routing for the same team!

 But if, like us, you really don't want to spend your sunny Thursday surrounded by the chanting masses, then take advantage of this glorious weather by inviting friends over and firing up the barbecue. Whether you go all out and host a party or simply enjoy some beers in front of the TV with the doors and windows open; take advantage of the heat and absence of the pub regular who loves the sound of his own voice.

 Choose The Right Food And Drink

First thing's first, if you're not lucky enough to have got Friday off then you're going to have to be careful about what you consume in order to not be a zombie in the morning. If you'll be drinking then make sure to line your stomach. This is a great excuse to tuck into the best barbecue food you can get your hands on or enjoy a pub dinner in the beer garden before the game. As for drinks, beer is definitely the alcohol of choice when it comes to football.

If your alcohol brain got the better of you and you're not feeling too fresh on Friday morning, then opt for plenty of water and ALL THE COFFEE.

 Keep That Shirt On

Scientists are still searching for an explanation as to why the combination of football and alcohol results in a multitude of half naked men stumbling around the street. Okay, so that's a bit of a lie, I think scientists have more pressing things on their minds, but still, keep your shirt on!

The forecast is shaping up to be HOT so instead of bearing it all, think ahead. If you aren't adorning a kit shirt (I'm saying nothing...) then rock either a comfortable white tee or a lightweight and breathable short sleeve shirt.

Today is not the day to #freethenipple.

 Keep It Fun

Everyone is there to have fun and watch the game so don't get too caught up in match politics or rowdy behaviour. Remember, a Gentleman respects the opinions of others, even if he disagrees with them. And to be honest, fighting over football is utterly pointless, so keep it light hearted and fun.

 Red Card Sins To Avoid:

No Offensive Chants – Potentially the most detested trait in football fans, just because you're yelling abuse to a tune doesn't make it any less offensive, so just don't.

 Swearing To A Minimum – Sometimes 'fudge' just doesn't cut it, however, that doesn't mean you should make up for it with another “F” word every 30 seconds.

 Don't Get A Spontaneous Three Lions Tattoo – No... just no.

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