The Dos and Don'ts Of Being The Perfect Wedding Guest.

The Dos and Don'ts Of Being The Perfect Wedding Guest.

As we bid May farewell, we're thinking to the month of June for all things Father's Day, Festivals and of course, weddings.

Wedding season kicked off to a pretty regal start with The Royal Wedding and it seems that the country (and most of the world) has been in nuptial fever since. So if you've got a wedding coming up in the next couple of months, here are our 6 Dos and 6 Don'ts to make you the picture perfect wedding guest. Sit down and grab a beverage Gents, this lasts longer than the Best Man's speech.

The Dos

Wear The Perfect Shirt
If the Nation wasn't talking about The Royal Couple, they were talking about their guests. None more so than the one and only David Beckham. Everyone went crazy for his suave morning suit and sunglasses combo. But a suit isn't complete without one of the most important components. DO find the right shirt to form the base of your wedding attire. For a more formal look, we think our 'Spector' shirt is the perfect choice. It's formal silhouette with added collar bar and hidden buttons ooze sophistication with a hint of something a bit different. Going for a more casual look? 'Frederick' is dashing paired either with a full suit or just a pair of smart trousers and shoes. A great option to feel good whatever you're wearing.


Know Your Knots
When it comes to tie knots for a wedding, the simpler the better. Our stylist, Kim, says the your tie and choice of knot should depend on your collar and, if you're wearing a jacket, your lapel width. The slimmer the collar and/or lapel, the slimmer the tie and knot. A spread  collar, like that of our 'Winston' shirt, lends itself to a more standard tie width with a range of knot choices from a Four In Hand to a Full Windsor.

Wear The Right Shoes
You've got the great shirt, a stylish suit, impeccable hair...but wait...what are those on your feet?! It can often be forgotten that shoes are what completes an outfit so DO pick the right pair. If you're struggling choosing, get a second opinion from someone who's opinion you trust. Here's a couple of things to remember: no brown shoes with a black suit, please dear God wear socks and (unless stated otherwise) no trainers!

Be On Time
You know those movies where someone bursts into the ceremony just after the officiant has said “Is there a reason why these two should not be wed?” Yeah, unless you have a reason, don't be that guy. DO be on time.

Compliment The Couple
This is the happiest day of their lives and with so many eyes on them and photographs being taken from all angles, they can get a little bit self conscious. So DO compliment them on their appearance, their décor choice or whatever else you can think of when you get the chance.

Have Fun
Most importantly, DO have fun! Weddings are a celebration of happiness and the couple have invited you to join them in celebrating their special day. So smile, dance and just have a damn good time!

The Don'ts

Look Like A Mourner
DON'T be scared of adding colour to your look. Wedding Season comes at a time of year where colour is everywhere and you don't want to end up looking like you got lost on the way to a funeral. If you aren't accustomed to a lot of bright clothing in your wardrobe, try experimenting with a small pop of colour in the form of a tie or even socks for a quirky edge. If you're struggling, we know a guy who could help.

Leave Clothes Creased
Looking like you just rolled out of bed and to the ceremony is not a good look. So DON'T forget to iron. It always helps to have your clothes hung up in a clothes bag until the moment you put them on but if that isn't possible, the iron should be your best friend. Remember to always check the care label beforehand. Melted shirts are not and never will be a fashion statement.

Leave That Shirt Untucked
DON'T leave your shirt untucked. Weddings are usually formal occasions after all, so it is always best to have your shirt tucked in unless told otherwise. To break up the look a bit and soften the shirt to trouser contrast, try adding a belt in the same colour as your shoes.

Drink The Bar Dry
Open bar or not, there will more than likely be alcohol being passed around from quite early in the day. Whilst we all love the fact that at such events it is officially okay to consume a glass or two of champagne before 1pm, DON'T go overboard with the booze. You don't want to be the embarrassing subject of YouTube's latest viral video.

Buy A Gift Last Minute
Do yourself a favour and get out and buy a gift early. If only just to save on things to think about on the lead up to the big day. Couples usually have a Gift List for friends and family to give them an idea of what to buy, so that will make your life a little easier.

Be A Wallflower
Chances are there will be a lot of other guests there and chances are you will end up next a stranger at some point during the day. DON'T be a wallflower and shy away from conversation that comes your way. Remember, a gentleman is confident, outgoing and always friendly. If you're uncomfortable because you won't know anyone there, ask the couple if you can take a plus one. If that isn't an option, it may be worth meeting up with the couple and a few of their other guests pre-wedding so you have some familiar faces on the day.

If you've made it this far, congratulations! We admire your commitment.

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