Accessories You Need In Your Life

Accessories You Need In Your Life

Now, more so than ever, we're paying a lot of attention to our wardrobes & really making the effort to dress well at all times. And rightly so.
It's sometimes a tricky choice and many of us gents are now embracing multiple styles, we're not being defined by a certain dress sense. The choices are endless, the combinations are many and chasing the right style for the right occasion can sometimes be a bit of a headache.
We're firm believers in keeping it simple at all times, but we also like to really dive into accessories to add bit of character to our outfits. We're shirt lovers (obviously!) so picking the accessories that compliment this attire are a little intricate.
But, all said, here's our choosing of accessories that you should add to your wardrobe and bring out when you're dressing to impress.

1 - The Fedora

It's a classic, but a timeless classic. Style it well and it will never go out of fashion. 
The Fedora is growing in popularity, and more and more people are experimenting with Fedora's with their outfit. Perfect for a winters eve too!
This one can be found at All Saints for £38

2 - The Perfect Round

A watch will always be a great investment, and one thats worth the time pondering over. Many well made watches will pass through family generations and stand the test of time. 
Again, simplicity is important, it's far too easy to go over board with watches and spend a fortune on something that looks like it could have been found in a Christmas Cracker!
A perfect choice would be this IWC Portuguese Automatic priced at around £6500

3 - A Gentlemans Umbrella

A little off the accessories course, but something that is essential for any man who cares about his appearance. An umbrella is a necessity in the UK, where it rains, well, most days, so rest assured, this will get used...a lot. Gone are the days of golf umbrellas or using mini umbrellas that you could fit into your pocket. Make a stand, a statement and let people know you're serious about yourself. A good umbrella on a drizzly day will certainly get you on your way to singing in the rain. 
We love this Ted Baker Bucket Print Umbrella, which retails at £45

4 - A Good Ol' Set Of Braces

Let's get a little old fashioned here. Mix it up and sport a good pair of braces instead of your trusty leather belt. They're an accessory that can really help you shine, letting only a select few know that you're a style focussed, confident chap. They're not seen as much as they once were, but now's your time to be different.
A good set of braces doesn't have to cost you a fortune, our pick are from Debenhams and cost £25

5 - The Card Holder

Does anybody actually carry cash around anymore? Let alone coins? Didn't think so. 
We're done with the days that require us to carry around a wallet that has spaces for cards, cash, coins, keys and the kitchen sink. They're bulky, uncomfortable and just downright un-neccessary now. Keep it all streamlined and slim, only venture out with the cards that you need, kept firmly in place in a quality leather card holder.
If you're not paying with your watch, pull out this Thom Brown Card Holder (£245) and treat your lady to dinner. 

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