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  • Gntlmen Must Know: The Club Collar

    Gntlmen Must Know: The Club Collar


    A Gntlman knows his collars. This week we are enlightening you on the 'Club Collar'.  Like knowing something your companions don't? Enjoy a pub quiz on a Tuesday? Or just thirsty for sartorial knowledge? Read on gents.  What the devil is a club collar?  A club collar is a rounded point on the collar of a shirt. Club collars tend to be slightly shorter in width than a traditional pointed collar too, but it is the rounded edges that define a club collar. How did the club collar come about?  The club collar originated at the most exclusive club there is......

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  • A Weekend Away?

    A Weekend Away?

    A weekend away is great for the body, mind and soul and the perfect opportunity to explore a new town, city or country. Whether you're with a friend, a loved one, or just enjoying your own company, you'll be able to reap the benefits from a change of scenery and a break from normality.  Wherever you go, you should do so in style. Your choice of outfits to take are important, but so are the bags that you take them in. Here are our picks.  1 - Barbour Wax Cotton Explorer - £119.20 This is a perfect bag for a...

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