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  • Our Top 5 Tips On How To Be A True Gent.
  • Post author
    Matt Bird

Our Top 5 Tips On How To Be A True Gent.

Our Top 5 Tips On How To Be A True Gent.
"Being a Gentleman is a lifestyle. You cannot simply act as one when needed”

We see a heck of a lot of men these days sporting a well-cut suit, short back and sides and claiming to be a gentleman. Unfortunately, as we see it, its not as straightforward as this. 

Here at We Are Gntlmen, we believe that some of the really important ethics behind being a true gent have been forgotten or overlooked. We appreciate that dressing well and representing yourself accordingly helps, but let’s go back to the good old days and look at a few key behaviours that one must display in order to be recognised as a gentleman.



So important, so easy - yet sometimes forgotten. Hold a door open, tell your partner you them you love them, bring them a coffee when they wake up - all the things that take minimal effort (result!), but go a long way to keeping the love of your life, well, the love of your life.


No one likes a liar, especially not your nearest and dearest. Honesty is a trait that every human should exude. Being honest leads to trust, something you should be striving for and something that should definitely never be taken for granted. It can take a lot to gain trust, so make sure it’s worth it. Doing things by halves isn't the answer - be integral for goodness sake!



The two most important words in the dictionary are please & thank you - two simple words, yet so important. Manners cost nothing, but hold the most value. Being polite to friends, family & strangers takes very little effort and you’d be surprised at what being a generally nice bloke can do for you. Etiquette and being aware of your surroundings are also key because you never quite know who’s listening to you!


Being kind goes hand in hand with good manners and will help you go far within your job, relationship or everyday life. Be kind to all that you meet, show respect and humility and do anything you can that will improve someone’s day. We’re seeing a lot more ‘random acts of kindness’, such as strangers buying lunch for a homeless person, which makes society a much nicer and happier place to be.


A well dressed man, who has style at the forefront of his thoughts is valued and perceived as guy who’s got his life together. Whether that’s true or not, first impressions count and paint the picture of who you are. We often refer to a saying that “when you look good, you feel good & when you feel good, you'll do good” and of course, we’re routing for you to do good!

Whilst your wardrobe is important, being a gentleman is about keeping it simple, subtle and minimal – effectively staying under the radar. It’s good to be a little different too and this is what we’re all about. Being simple, & subtle, but adding a little extra flare to your shirt. We love to mix things up with our extreme cutaway collars, our pin collars and rounded button downs. Our shirts are made to look the part with whatever you like to wear, whether that be jeans or a nice Prince of Wales checked suit!

We like to take the classics & reinvent them. It all helps with our underlying mission - we want to re-invent the true gentleman. We want all men to be honest, kind, well mannered, chivalrous and well dressed. We want every man to be a Gntlman.

  • Post author
    Matt Bird

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