Our Five Favourite Coffee Houses In Manchester

Our Five Favourite Coffee Houses In Manchester

If there's one thing we love more than a well fitting shirt, it's coffee. You only have to look at our Instagram account to see that we're a little bit obsessed with the stuff. While some drink it solely for the caffeine kick, 'coffee culture' has rapidly grown into something way bigger.

We have important meetings in coffee shops, we meet friends or dates in coffee shops and sometimes we work in coffee shops. With this in mind, we decided we'd do the very excruciating task (note the sarcasm) of conducting a coffee tour of Manchester to find our favourite spots. So if you're looking for you next cup of java, here's five places you have to check out.

Ezra & Gil

A name that appears at the top of everyone's go-to brunch place list. Ezra & Gil have firmly established their place in the independent coffee shop hierarchy with their distinctive industrial-chic décor and extensive coffee and food menus. The large space is great for morning meetings or an early afternoon pick-me-up. Plus it's dog friendly, so who doesn't love that?!

We recommend – For those of you who enjoy a sugar or two, we recommend taking a sip without at first as the coffee is that good you won't even notice the lack of a sweet edge. If you're looking for more sustenance, their avocado toast topped with feta cheese and chillis is to die for!

Ancoats Coffee

Our second stop took us a little further afield to Ancoats Coffee. If you're looking for somewhere that really takes their coffee seriously, this is the place for you. With their own in house roastery, Ancoats pride themselves on delivering the highest quality coffee possible. Explaining that they roast their coffee beans to a 'sweet spot' which heightens the flavour notes without risking the unpleasant taste of over roasting. This is a great place to work in peace surrounded by the enticing aroma of coffee.

We recommend – the cappuccinos are small but packed with flavour. You can also buy their ground coffee in store.

Porter + Cole

An interior dream, almost everything in Porter + Cole is for sale, from their coffee to their cushions. You can even buy the cups you drink out of! Everything inside is inspired by the owner's lives and travels. Their food, their decor and the cafe's name itself, named after their two dogs, Porter and Cole. Although, we're sorry to inform you gents that unlike everything else in the shop, the adorable dogs are not for sale.

We recommend – Stop off here for a sweet treat in the form of the cakes and pastries that are made by a Parisian trained baker, best enjoyed with a latte.


The best place for a black eye. No, gents, you've not stumbled onto a Fight Club blog post, we're still talking about coffee. With the biggest coffee menu we saw on our tour, Foundation Coffee House certainly won't leave you spoilt for choice. Be sure to have Google at the ready because we're sure even the most regular coffee drinker would be left wondering what at least one of the options is.

We recommend – an iced Americano on one of the outside tables. They're not at street level so you won't have passers by ogling your beverage.


Lastly on our coffee tour, we visited cafe bar, Evelyn's. Open from 9am until late, Evelyn's is perfect whether you're looking for a caffeine fix during breakfast, lunch or dinner. Choose from the classic coffee menu or from their range of eclectic teas and coffees including a peanut butter and jelly cappuccino and a blue latte. It hosts an open kitchen and walls covered from floor to ceiling with plants. You won't be able to help but take an Instagram photo.

We recommend – if you're after something sweet, try their Vietnamese iced coffee. Fancying something a little out of the box? Go for their white chocolate and Szechuan mocha.

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