Meet Your New Fashion Fairy Godmother

Meet Your New Fashion Fairy Godmother

We must apologise. We have been unacceptably rude over the past couple of weeks and we need to clear the air. You may have been wondering who is behind the Sunday style posts you've been reading? Well we think it's time you were introduced.

Have you ever stood in front of your wardrobe, scratching your head, with a perplexed and exasperated look on your face? You've got a party to go to, or a date, or simply just another day at work and for the hundredth time this week you're stuck on what to wear.

“Do those trousers go with that shirt?”

“Tucked in or untucked?”

“Right, well I guess I'll just wear my usual jeans and t-shirt my friends have seen a million times.”

We've all been there. We've also all wished we had our own personal stylist to avoid these kind of problems. Well gents, now you have one! Allow me to introduce you to our very own Kim Monney of

As a brand who's motto is “Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good” we understand how frustrating it can be to feel completely uninspired by your wardrobe. To make matters worse, we can sometimes feel like hitting the mid-season sales to help shake up our style a bit. Ending up with even more uninspiring clothes that were just a bargain that made us feel good at the time. This is where Kim steps in.

Who is Kim?
From a background in marketing, Kim has moved into the personal styling business to help ambitious professionals strive for their goals by giving them confidence and pride in the way they dress. Kim is the first and only menswear personal stylist to specialise in smart casual styling anywhere in the world. So whether you're struggling with your work attire or need some quick tips whilst on holiday, she's got you. Kim trained as a stylist in New York, classically trained in bespoke tailoring in London and nowworks with clients throughout the UK, US and Australasia.

Why We Work With Her
We work with Kim because she gets us and we get her. We both specialise in a smart casual approach to style and so our businesses fit perfectly. We want to offer our customers an experience no other brand offers. So an on-hand personal stylist who really knows her stuff was just the ticket. Not only does Kim have a sixth sense for fashion and personal styling, she also happens to be a great people person. Offering one on one consultations with her clients to establish their individual style and advising them on how to invest wisely in their purchases.

What To Expect In The Future
Along with her weekly blog posts surrounding all things style, Kim will also be available to contact for all of your styling needs. So if you're smitten with your new We Are Gntlmen shirt but you're having difficulty in styling it, your answer is but an email away! Simply click on the Personal Styling page of our site menu or email her on

For more information about Kim head over to and don't forget to check back every Sunday or more of her styling tips.

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