Let's Talk About Socks.

Let's Talk About Socks.

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They're the gift no one wants to receive and sustenance for hungry washing machines. Socks have a reputation for being quite, well, boring.

But why? When you think about it, aside from underwear, they're pretty much an everyday essential.

Here at We Are Gntlmen HQ, we're rather fond of the humble sock. We do share an office with the brilliant Stand4socks, so we could be a little bias, but nevertheless we love them.

For the most part, we rely on socks daily and the world practically ends if you look in your drawer to find you haven't washed any. But there are some people who don't even have one pair to wear, let alone a whole drawer full.

Turns out socks are the most asked for item in homeless shelters, a fact Stand4 founder Josh wants to put a stop to. Stand4 supports a multitude of incredible causes – from helping the homeless to LGBT pride – and aim to make the world a better place with every pair of socks sold.

For every pair bought in aid of their homeless campaign, they give another pair of specially designed thick and durable socks to the homeless. A concept we think is pretty damn great!

We also think socks need a bit more of a shout out. So we've paired three pairs of Stand4's socks with our shirts to create three outfits to help you style your socks to look good and feel good after you've done some good.

For a more formal dress code, vibrant and stand out socks might not be the best way to go, especially in the workplace. However, Stand4 have you covered. This pair, in support of helping the homeless, have been designed to keep the bright pattern below the shoe line. Think of it like a mullet situation, business on top, party on the bottom. This way you can show your support and still look business professional when sitting down in the boardroom.

For the days when you're running errands. We've paired some Stand4 LGBT ankle socks with our grey Quinn tee for the ultimate sporty casual look. Keeping your outfit simple lets the socks speak for themselves as your accessory. Throw on your favourite trainers and jeans or shorts and you've got an easy yet stylish everyday outfit perfect for in the city or a seaside holiday.

And finally, we're found a match made in heaven. We've combined Stand4's Aztec print sock with our shirt, Humphrey, which we designed in collaboration with Royal Manchester Children's Hospital Charity. All of the proceeds made from the sale of Humphrey go to the charity. The shirt features the charity's mascot – Humphrey the bear – and stitching in the charity's signature bright green shade. Finish with a pair of chinos and your shoes of choice for the ultimate smart-casual look.

So remember, the next time you're in the market for some good ol' socks, check out the great range Stand4 offers because not only will they leave you looking good and feeling good, but you'll be doing good too.

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