It's Here: Your Guide To Autumn Knitwear.

It's Here: Your Guide To Autumn Knitwear.

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Hurrah! Knitwear season has arrived.

Summer's great and all, but for those of us who have a penchant for all things knitted, Autumn is where it's at.

Knitwear thrives in this season as we've not quite made it to the realms of 'hide it all under a huge coat', so your jumpers can really shine.

As we're based in the North of England, we know that sometimes just a shirt and lightweight jacket isn't an option. We need that extra bit of warmth against that biting wind.

So once we perfected our shirts, we set about crafting our perfect jumper. Four of them in fact.

Firstly, we wanted something that was timeless and would go with everything. Our 'Victor' of jumpers if you will.
Enter 'Bennett'.

Coming in either an Ash Grey or Moroccan Blue, 'Bennett' is made from 100% cotton, making it soft, breathable and perfect for everyday wear. A small Union Jack is stitched into the left seam of all of our jumpers as a subtle nod to our British heritage.

Secondly, we have 'Hampton'. Our Breton stripe jumper comes in two simple yet elegant colour ways; cream (or Ecru if you're feeling fancy) with navy stripes and vice versa. We know Breton stripes are great for flattering the figure, so 'Hampton' is a firm wardrobe staple for any chap.

When it comes to styling, knitwear is marvellous as it's about the only type of upper body garment that hovers nicely between the lines of formal and casual. Your staple grey jumper can be worn along with jeans and trainers but then totally transformed by wearing it under a suit with dress shoes.
Making the transition from day to night that much easier.

However, there is one element of knitwear styling that seems to elude a lot of gents.

It's time to channel your inner Bake Off (don't lie, we know you love it) because we're talking about layering.

Layering can be tricky. You can assemble a great outfit only to have it ruined by too many mis-matching items. So we've got some key components to help you out.

#1 The biggest rule when it comes to layering is make sure your outfit works on all levels. Consider the layers as separate outfits and see if they compliment each other individually. Make sure the outfit looks dapper with and without your knit layer and if it suits where you'll be that day.

#2 Colours and patterns are next. If your layers clash, then this renders the former rule completely moot. Choose your complimentary colours wisely and we highly recommend keeping patterns to just one item within the look. By keeping the patterns exclusive to one garment and the rest fairly unfussy, you aren't overwhelming your outfit.

#3 Finally, your layers should increase in thickness. Generally, a t-shirt or shirt for the base, then add the jumper, then a jacket. That way you can easily remove layers should you get too hot and won't be mistaken for the Michelin Man.

Now, are you ready to take your Autumn layering game to the next level? Shop all of our knitwear here.

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