In Focus: The Cutaway Collar

In Focus: The Cutaway Collar

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Here at We Are Gntlmen, we love something that will get you noticed. And what's one of our favourite ways to do that? A cutaway collar.

Traditionally considered a more formal collar style, we decided we wanted to give the not-so-subtle cutaway more time in the spotlight. Much to the dismay of the conventional gents out there we're sure, we've taken the distinctive design and paired it with more casual fabrics, giving the collar an informal makeover as it were. And – without sounding too bold – we think it's worked out pretty finely indeed.

So, without further or do, here's all you need to know about the cutaway collar.

What is the cutaway collar?

The collar that really makes a statement, the cutaway lives up to its name. Distinguishable by its points angled outwards towards the shoulders instead of inwards, the cutaway gives a much wider area around the neckline. Essentially giving the impression the collar has been 'cut away'.

The collar has a rather royal heritage.

The cutaway is said to have been favoured by King Edward VIII. Yes, the same King Edward – aka the Duke of Windsor – who the Windsor tie knot is supposedly named after. The theory is that the cutaway was designed to accommodate this wider than average tie knot. This can't really be confirmed, but regardless of who may have created it, we're sure glad they did.

So, where can you wear a cutaway collar?

The exaggerated gap between collar points was specifically designed to house a tie, so traditionally the cutaway was seen as a more formal collar style and is great for almost every formal event you could attend! More recently, however, the cutaway is seen as a more modern twist on tradition and worn in casual settings without a tie.

“How do I style it?” you ask? Well...

As we touched on above, the cutaway is dipping its toes more and more into the casual pool of collars. This means you have way more styling options that just rocking it with a suit and tie. One thing to consider, due to its over exaggerated shape, the cutaway often flatters narrower faces as the angles of the points can often accentuate a rounder form.


The collar itself is a huge talking point, so why not show it off? Casual fabrics – like our linen 'Peter', flannel 'Orville' and denim 'Irving' shirts – look great with chinos or jeans finished off with either sparkling clean trainers or loafers. For something a little more smart-casual, wear your collar under a round neck jumper to add some intrigue to the neckline.

There is, however, a reason why the collar lends itself so well to a more formal environment. The cutaway is renowned mostly for its ability to elegantly transition into a suit silhouette. The extreme angles of the collar points mean that they blend seamlessly into the lapels of a jacket providing a clean cut look to any suit. So for your more formal events, our dress shirt 'Winston' should be your go to. And feel free to go to town on your tie designs and knots. The collar is made to show them off, so why not?!


Shop all of our cutaway collars here and don't forget to check back next Sunday for #stylesunday.

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