If The Shoe Fits

If The Shoe Fits

Pardon the obvious statement here, but shoes, they're an essential part to everybody's outfit. No matter what the occasion.

We can sometimes become overwhelmed with the choice of different shoe type but most will already have a preference as to what shoe suits them.
Shoes, should without doubt be chosen wisely and be an investment. You'll be wearing your favourite pair most days, so it's always wise to chose the ones that are going to be able to keep up with you, stay strong and look good throughout the journey.
Here are our 5 favourite styles and the shirt we recommend to match them with.
1. The Double Monk

A perfect blend of function, fashion and comfort. 
Probably our favourite shoe style at the minute as a good pair of double monkstrap shoes offers something different to your friends or acquaintances. They add a different feel to many an outfit and will more often than not prompt a 
"I like your shoes" 
comment. Suede is a great texture for these shoes, but for a more formal approach, an Oxblood Leather will go down a treat.
Style with Dark Jeans, Winston Blue & a slim fitted Grey Double Breasted Jacket

2. The Classic Derby

As the title suggests, the Derby Shoe is an absolute classic and an essential for any well dressed man. They're as versatile as you need them to be, looking equally great with jeans as they do with formal trousers or a suit. A good pair of black Derby shoes are a solid investment and the style is one that will stand the test of time. Look after them properly & they will look after you.
Style with Dark Grey Jeans & Hamilton

3. The Brogue Boot

For the rainy, colder days. Suede in the rain is a no-go, unless you're angling for a new pair for your birthday but you're hit with the 
"but the ones you already have are fine" card. 
Anyway, a good pair of leather boots should be your go to choice in the Autumn / Winter months. Offering durability, function and above all, style. They look so good with a good pair of jeans and a quality piece of knitwear. A good leather pair will, again, last you a lifetime.
Style with Dark Wash Jeans, Victor in White & a Charcoal Merino Pullover

4. The Trainer

We're all busy gents, we know & sometimes we just want to don a comfortable pair of trainers to pop out in at the weekend. We're sticklers for simplicity and simple design. Big logo's (no names mentioned!) are not needed anymore. A well made pair of plain trainers will look great for your weekend activities. It's worth spending a little bit more on these and ensuring you find a pair that can keep their shape, comfort and durability.
Style with Black Skinny Jeans and Alfred

5. The Tassled Loafer

It's great to be different and wearing something that you know your friends aren't is always a good thing in our eyes. Tassled loafers are perfect for doing just that. Be adventurous with your choice of material too. These are perfect for lighter weather and in the summer months. Worn with jeans or shorts, they'll add that magic touch to your get-up. Again, avoid wearing these ones in the rain!
Style with Light Chino Shorts and an Orange Manning

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