How To Host The Perfect Bank Holiday Barbecue.

How To Host The Perfect Bank Holiday Barbecue.

If you live in the UK (and don't work in retail – seriously, we feel for you guys), then chances are you're excited for the coming Bank Holiday. Everyone loves a three day weekend and in May we're lucky enough to have two. Therefore, it's the perfect time to gather up a group of friends or family and dig out that barbecue from deep, deep down in the back of your shed. But when you've got the guest list and the barbecue, what's next? We've compiled a list of ways to make sure you're Bank Holiday soiree is a cut above the rest and will really make you the King of The Barbie.

The Menu.

 First thing first, with the increase in so many people becoming Vegans, Vegetarians, Pescatarians (and any other “rians” out there) it's important to check any dietary requirements your guests may have. Once that's out of the way then you're free to shop for whatever you want to put on your menu. Go traditional with burgers and sausages or maybe a lower fat option like chicken or fish. Add some seasoned sides like potatoes or fries and mix together some fresh and colourful salad and you're good to go!

The Refreshments.

On these hot days, it's important to keep some ice cold beverages on hand at all times. You can pre-mix some drinks yourself and put them in a punch bowl à la 'American house party' style or simply set up a bar for your guests to help themselves. If you stock up on ingredients you can have a signature cocktail for the day - we recommend Aperol Spritz for a refreshing apple kick. Make sure to check your fridge stock throughout the day to ensure there's no lukewarm beers floating around anywhere.

The Time.

When you'll be hosting your barbecue can determine a lot of factors - what food you will serve, alcohol or no alcohol and how loud you can be without the neighbours hating on you all summer. Barbecues don't just have to be for the evenings. If you've got a busy night planned yet are still feeling the urge for something chargrilled, why not try a breakfast barbecue? Just swap out your burgers for breakfast muffins, fries for scrambled eggs and G&T for your morning coffee. It's a fun way to start the day and means you don't have to spend Tuesday regretting that one drink too many.

The Entertainment.

Games can be a great way for your guests to busy themselves whilst waiting for food. You can make them child friendly or more drinking game orientated. If you're feeling like unleashing your inner child, why not combine the two? I mean, who doesn’t love a game of tipsy Twister?
Don't forget the music! As pre-barbecue prep you can have fun creating a playlist of all of your favourite summer tracks. Alternatively, let your guests take charge (if you're brave enough) and queue any suggestions given throughout the day. Be sure to save those 90s anthems for after everyone has had a couple of G&Ts for maximum hilarity value.

The Shirt.

As the host, you've got to look the part. And no, I'm not talking about that 'hilarious' apron with the boobs printed on it. Standing over what is essentially a pit of fire, turning sausages under the glaring sun can make life a little on the sweaty side. So you're going to want to stay cool yet still look stylish. We think 'Clarence' is the perfect option for such occasions. The short sleeves and breathable cotton seersucker fabric will keep you feeling cool and comfortable whilst you're flipping those burgers and you'll still look effortlessly summer casual. If long sleeve if more you're thing, why not try 'Peter'? Our lightweight linen shirt in a seasonally appropriate pale yellow. Style by rolling up the sleeves or wearing open over a plain t-shirt.

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