How To Ace Your Holiday Style (Hint: The Secret’s In How To Pack)

How To Ace Your Holiday Style (Hint: The Secret’s In How To Pack)

Holidays are magical. Except for packing.

Packing for holidays is not magical and in fact, bad packing can leave you feeling disappointed and frustrated when you get to your destination and find you’re not going to look your best because you haven’t brought the right stuff with you. 

Bad packing can also end up costing you extra if you find you’ve left behind something important and now have to go and buy it. 

The secret to travelling in style is to think ahead. To ensure you bring with you everything you need and nothing you don’t, so you can be stylish, comfortable and stress-free, and make your holiday one to remember for all the right reasons. 

Here’s how to do it. 

Take a moment to stop, think and plan - a couple of days before you head off. 

An investment of five or ten minutes of thinking time can save your holiday. 

Grab a pen and paper (or your laptop) and sit down somewhere quiet for a few minutes, a few days before you go away. Visualise where you’re headed, and what you’ll be doing each day - and night.

Think about where you’ll be staying, the facilities you’ll have at your disposal (e.g. a washing machine - or not?) and then make some quick notes about what you’ll wear for each day and each occasion. 

Those notes then become your packing list. Packing using a list is a quick exercise of ticking off what you wrote down as you fold it neatly and pop it into your bag. Thinking about all of this a couple of days ahead means you’ve got time to wash anything that’s in your laundry basket and generally make sure you leave for your holidays without a last minute panic. 

I know all this probably sounds incredibly boring but a true gentleman is thoughtful and organised. Trust that it’s worth the effort and your future self will thank you. 

Think about how you’re travelling. 

Will you be driving? Taking a train? Taking a flight? 

If you’re going to be flying, it’s always a good idea to bring a warm layer with you in case the air con on the plane is cranking and your shorts and t-shirt, that may be perfect at your destination, will see you shivering in your seat while you’re in the air. 

Hoping for an upgrade? Wear a shirt. Linen is perfect for that casual-cool European traveller vibe. Roll up the sleeves if it’s warm. Tuck it into your short or jeans, pair it with a woven belt and be a gentleman when you smile and ask nicely if they might have any spare seats going in business class. 

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Think about putting your feet up. 

Holiday time hopefully means plenty of time for relaxation, but it’s also a great idea to be able to walk and explore without worrying about what’s on your feet. 

The best way to do that? Invest in a nice pair of sneakers or loafers and some invisible socks. You can wear them with shorts, jeans or chinos and in most holiday situations they’ll be just as good to wear out and about on your daytime adventures as they will be for drinks and dinners in the evening. 

Now… high five yourself for packing like a pro, and go have some fun! 

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