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  • Gntlmen Must Know: The Club Collar
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Gntlmen Must Know: The Club Collar

Gntlmen Must Know: The Club Collar

A Gntlman knows his collars. This week we are enlightening you on the 'Club Collar'. 

Like knowing something your companions don't? Enjoy a pub quiz on a Tuesday? Or just thirsty for sartorial knowledge? Read on gents. 

What the devil is a club collar? 

A club collar is a rounded point on the collar of a shirt. Club collars tend to be slightly shorter in width than a traditional pointed collar too, but it is the rounded edges that define a club collar.

How did the club collar come about? 

The club collar originated at the most exclusive club there is... Eton College, the independent boarding school for boys located in Berkshire in the UK. Eton has been tasked with educating the young men of the rich and famous for centuries (since 1440 in fact).

In the mid 19th century the school was in a pickle- how do they make sure that the outside world can distinguish between the young chaps of Eton and the rest of the population?

Enter the club collar.

In a much more stylish approach to the usual school uniform, Eton took the traditional dress collar and rounded the edges, making a small but important distinction between Etonians and the rest of the male population.

So, why is it called the club collar? 

To non Etonians, the club collar was there to serve as a reminder that they are not part of the exclusive 'club'. This led to the collar being nicknamed the 'club collar', which most likely started as light hearted mockery but resulted in the term being adopted by the fashion world, and the rounded edge collar has been so named ever since. 

Speaking of club collars...

It would be awfully rude of us to talk about club collars without introducing you to our two Shelby Shirts, our nod to Thomas Shelby, The Gntlman's Gangster. 

Shelby | Blue Stripe Round Collar Shirt

£39.99 + Free UK Shipping 

 No longer just for the elite. After Eton College introduced the rounded edged collar, other well dressed Gntlmen donned the look in an attempt to ride on the coat tails of the elite. In fact the predominant shirt design of the 1930's was the club collared shirt, usually combined with the eras favourite accessory, the collar bar.

Oh... did we mention? We sell those too. 

Spector | Collar Bar Shirt

£47.99 + Free UK Shipping 

The trend tapered out until a recent wave of TV & Film has reintroduced the style to our screens. Shows like Peaky Blinders, Boardwalk Empire and Mad Men have shown us glorious Gntlmen like Cillian Murphy, Steve Buscemi and John Slattery owning the club collar, so it's only right that we try it out for ourselves. 

A Gntlman shalt not envy... 

A Gntlman shalt not lust... 

A Gntlman shalt not covet... but my lord, they are sexy bastards aren't they? 

Shelby | Purple Stripe Round Collar Shirt

£39.99 + Free UK Shipping 

So, give the club collar a whirl. All of our shirts are designed and crafted to fit you perfectly. 'Our Fit' is not too tight, not too baggy. Just right. 

If you'd like to get a bit more of the Thomas Shelby look, have a read of our blog post: The Gntlman's Gangster: Thomas Shelby 

As always, our gents are on hand to offer style advice, size advice, or just advice, Gntlman to Gntlman. Get in touch or leave a comment below. 

  • 1920s fashion1930s fashionclub collarfashionmens wearmenswearrounded collarshirtshirt collarsshirtsstyle

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