Gntlman Of The Month: Stormzy

Gntlman Of The Month: Stormzy

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Another month has passed, so that means another Gntlman Of The Month must be crowned. We didn't have much difficulty deciding who it would be for August as when we opened up our news apps earlier this month, the answer was staring us right in the face.

And that answer was British rapper, Stormzy.

Stormzy, real name *takes deep breath * Michael Ebenazer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Jr. (nailed it!) is known for his vocalisation on political and social issues. Just earlier this year, he delivered an unforgettable – and very blunt – closing show at the BRIT Awards where he rapped freestyle between songs about the Grenfell fire and his pride in other successful black names in entertainment – model, Jourdan Dunn and actor, Daniel Kaluuya.

But aside from his 'no fear' attitude of vocalising problems and social injustices, Stormzy is also known for his dedication to his fans; having even performed at the funeral of a fan's father after being asked in a tweet last year.

He really does speak up for and give back to the community, but these aren't the only examples for why we think Stormzy is a great guy. Earlier in August, the grime artist announced that he would be funding the education of two black students who have been accepted to Cambridge University this academic year.

Statistics have shown that in a five year period, fewer than ten black students were accepted to six of Cambridge University's colleges. Sometimes with them not even accepting one.

Having previously wanted to study at Oxford before his career in music began, the grime artist said he wanted to help “academically brilliant” students who think that, just because they're from a certain community, that studying at such prestigious institutions like Oxbridge isn't open to them. Speaking in an interview at his old school on A level results day, he explained that he was encouraged to pursue his academic dreams and wants to do the same for other black students.

Therefore, he will be paying the tuition and maintenance fees for two undergrad courses lasting up to four years.

And this isn't the first time Stormzy has previously helped with the a student's education. He previously donated £9,000 to a crowd funding campaign by a student wanting to fund her education at Harvard. Meaning the money she thought would take four weeks to raise was raised in 24 hours!

Can you blame us for crowning him our Gntlman Of The Month?!

We admire any gent who is striving to make a change and further advance the lives of those who may not be in a situation to do it themselves.

So hats off to you Stormzy!

We hope you had a great month and keep an eye out next month to see who will be crowned for September.

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