Fit For A King (Or A Kicker)

Fit For A King (Or A Kicker)

When you think of a Gentlemen's sport, what first springs to mind? Is it tennis, maybe cricket? Perhaps a spot of golf on a warm summers day? Correct as you may be, it seems we all have a perception that 'gentlemanly' sports involve the abuse of some form of ball with a bat and wearing an excessive amount of head-to-toe white.

Well, I'm here to tell you there's another activity breaking this squeaky clean mould and teaching gents the world over that it's alright to get a little bit muddy now and again. Say hello to Ealing's very own second tier rugby league club, The London Broncos.



“Warriors on the pitch...gentlemen off the pitch”

Providing the team with their post match attire, the Broncos appeared on the We Are Gntlmen radar when we were looking for the ideal sports team who aligned with our visions and values of the true gentlemen. A team who not only pushed themselves to be winners on the pitch but showed their chivalry and generosity off. Real warriors on the pitch and real gentlemen off the pitch.

So when the team were on the lookout for the perfect brand to sport (get it?), the ideal partnership was born. Allowing us to become the proud sponsors of a club who represent all of our beliefs. Plus, our match day combo does have the guys scrubbing up well, if we do say so ourselves.

Amongst the team, lead by Coach Danny Ward, are the Bronco's captain Jay Pitts and winger Kieran Dixon, the gents we are lucky enough to have as our brand ambassadors. With nine wins so far this year, the leadership and responsibility Jay takes on to ensure his team's victory and the hard work and commitment given by Kieran to consistently improve his skill perfectly demonstrates the attributes of two true gentlemen. But a gentlemen not only has to act the part but look it too. That's where we come in.


“Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good”

With their position currently sitting at 4thin their league, the Broncos are looking to go one step further and earn their place in the Super League next season. With Jay and Kieran on their side along with the rest of the determined chaps, this dream may in fact become a reality. However, it can be hard to maintain your motivation and team spirit 24/7, especially before a big game.

So what do these guys do when it comes to match day and they've hit a bit of a slump? Here at We Are Gntlmen, we believe that when you look good, you feel good. So when you feel good, you do good! So what better way to unify the team and get them pumped up and ready for action than feeling suave and stylish in a timeless shirt and jumper combo?

Our Oxford Victor shirt and Moroccan Blue Bennett jumper to be exact. Even athletes can't walk around in their kit and trainers all day!
Fancy scoring some of that Broncos confidence and go get 'em attitude?

Shop our Victor Oxford and Bennett knit below for the ultimate feel good, do good look.


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