Festival Fashion 2018: First Impressions

Festival Fashion 2018: First Impressions

Festival season is here at last! And along with the decision over which bands, which weekends, and which events to choose, there’s the decision over what to wear.

Festival fashion is a style genre in its own right, with boho, glitter and wellies fairly reliable choices for both men and women, year in and year out. But each season something new emerges, something that can’t necessarily be predicted from reading magazines or walking the high street, and which announces itself simply by being worn by the people.

So last week, I ventured to one of the first festivals of the summer, the new All Points East in Victoria Park, London, to see what new trends are emerging from the ground up this season.

The first thing that struck me was the dramatic decrease in the number of people wearing sequins compared to the last few years. Sequinnage, as I like to call it, has been a joyful trend but my first impression of festival fashion 2018 was that we’re experiencing the start of an equal and opposite reaction to all that sparkle, which I guess was always destined to happen.

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So what’s the polar opposite of sequinnage? Black. And lots of it. I felt an old school rock n roll vibe coming through loud and clear, which had nothing to do with the bands performing. Black jeans, black shorts, black shirts, black layers. Head-to-toe black outfits. Even if you don’t have tickets to Download, if you’re harbouring an old black Guns n Roses t-shirt in the back of your wardrobe, now’s the time to bring it back out.

But it’s not a festival without something a little wild, reserved only for events in fields and which you’d never wear on a normal day or night out. And this year it appears to be gold. There were quite a few guys in gold shirts and gold bomber jackets, and I got the sense that we’ll be seeing a lot more gold in the months, and possibly years, to come.

A gold bomber jacket in the crowd at LCD Soundsystem, All Points East, May 2018

Don’t wear black and not keen on metallics? Then your back-up option looks to be Hawaiian shirts, perhaps a sideways step from the pineapple trend from 2015-16, or maybe just because Glass Animals were playing.

Not sure what to buy for your festival adventures this year? Reply in the comments below with your questions and I’ll answer them here on the blog. Or contact me for more info on how I can help you spruce up your wardrobe for summer - Kim Monney at kimobi.style

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