Don’t Overlook This Critical Style Solution

Don’t Overlook This Critical Style Solution

If you’re not in the mood for clothes shopping then there’s one simple thing you can do to instantly transform your entire look.

Buy new glasses.

There are so many new eyewear options emerging all the time - not intended to overwhelm you! - but giving you more ways than ever to find frames that suit your face shape, your look, and your budget.  Check out the likes of Cubitt’s, another proudly local UK brand producing reasonably priced, super-stylish frames - much like our shirts.

Why bother?

Glasses are an instant indicator of style.  They’re front and centre on your face. They’re the first thing people see when people see you.  And when your glasses are out of date, your whole look is out of date. Simple as that.

Here’s some food for thought:  
If you wear glasses regularly, but only have one pair, why is that?  
And why then do you have more than one pair of shoes?

Since it’s summer, let’s start with sunglasses.

We’ve seen a shift back towards a more retro style, with rounder frames dominating the day - and suiting most face shapes.

Think David Beckham at Prince Harry’s wedding wearing a classic Clubmaster style from Dior Homme, which would look just as good with a yellow linen Peter shirt, or a pink and white stripe Clarence shirt, as it does with a morning suit.

Or check out this guide from GQ for a full rundown of the styles to be looking for in 2018.

Key to note - this season’s styles aren’t big and chunky.  They’re more elegant and refined, and quite flat. Not too sporty and definitely not wraparounds!  

Wear regular glasses most of the time?

If you haven’t updated your frames in the past couple of years it’s definitely time you tried to find a new pair.  

Where, a couple of years ago, chunky black frames were winning the day, the trend is now clearly veering toward thinner frames and wire frames. Rounder shapes are on trend for everyone.

Want to get ahead of the pack? Look for a pair of wire framed aviators (or similar) - an investment that will pay off as everyone else starts to follow suit in the next 12-18 months.  

How to find the perfect pair?

You’ve got no option but to try them on!  Leave all your preconceptions at the door and be prepared to try on loads of pairs.

First of all, look for frames that are about the same width as your temples. You want to avoid frames that stick out beyond the sides of your face. Balance is key.

Beyond that, shape is important.  Rectangular frames are less likely to be en pointe right now.  Try something rounder until you get to a shape that looks good on you.

Make sure there’s enough depth to the lenses.  Try on a few pairs where the lens comes further down your cheeks than what you’re used to. You might be surprised to see that the deeper the lens, the better they look (for now - this is a marker of current trends after all!).  

Beyond that, try on a few different colours.  There’s less black around at the moment, and instead you’ll find a range of softer and more interesting colours to choose from.  

Tortoiseshell, grey, blue and crystal (clear plastic) frames all look really good on people with lighter colour hair. If you’re feeling bold, go for a pale pink!
Or keep it classic and go for a matte gold or silver wire frame that will stand the test of time.

Really hate shopping for glasses?

I’m your girl.  Helping people find their perfect eyewear is literally my favourite thing to do.  (Honestly!)

And my help is especially useful for those people who really despise eyewear shopping.  

I have a 100% success rate getting clients in and out of the store, new frames in hand, within 30 minutes. My last client had selected his frames within 7 minutes!

Not only that, but when you shop with me, your frames will be perfect for you.  You’ll look so amazing that you’ll be showered with compliments. How would you feel about looking so good that everyone you know feels compelled comment?

Give me a shout and let me help you sort out your eyewear - Kim Monney at

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