Behind The Brand: Introducing Our Designer

Behind The Brand: Introducing Our Designer

As we work in the fashion industry, we're always thinking a season ahead. So while you're busy digging out your summer essentials we're working hard to create the pieces to adorn your Autumn/Winter wardrobe. It may seem a bit odd to be thinking about what will be vital for the colder months when it's only just starting to heat up. To be honest, it is. That's why it's important to have an incredible designer who can almost predict what must go into next season's collection. We sat down with our in-house designer, Katie, to find out why she started designing and exactly what the inspiration behind our Autumn/Winter collection was.

What is your design background and what made you want to design?
I did fashion at college when I first left school because that's the only thing I've ever been passionate about! Since then I have gone on to study it at University and can't imagine doing anything else. I love the feeling of seeing someone wear one of my pieces I've designed. It's a sense of accomplishment and pride in that someone loves what I have created.

What inspires you?
My main inspiration comes from more formal attire. I love military style uniforms and smart workwear so I always try to incorporate elements of that into my designs. You'll see what I mean when you see the new collection.

Tell us a bit about the new collection.
There's loads of beautiful colours for Autumn/Winter in the new collection. There's a lot of staple menswear colours, like navy and khaki, with a pop of brighter shades in there to shake it up a bit. We've even got some polka dots! I think our customers like the more subtle details rather than being bold and in your face. I love pockets (they're kind of my thing) so I've designed a few pieces with a range of different pocket styles.

What is your fave piece from the new collection?
I adore the navy over shirt! It's got a contrast third button stitch, elastic fastening on the pocket and oversized buttons. I was very inspired by old worker jackets for this piece and it can be worn with anything.

Why did you choose to work for We Are Gntlmen?
First of all, Manchester is my hometown and as We Are Gntlmen are a Manchester based brand it felt right to be working with the people here. Secondly, smart casual is my favourite thing to design so it just seemed like the perfect fit for me and my creations.

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