Be. More. Kind

Be. More. Kind

What do you get when you cross a premium menswear brand determined to depict the essence of a true gentleman and a British singer-songwriter who just so happens to represent that? You get the ultimate match made in heaven of course! We Are Gntlmen are proud to be partnering with the ever so talented Frank Turner and his band The Sleeping Souls for their 2018 World Tour.

With the release of his new album Be More Kind, Frank is hitting the road and heading around the globe for his 2018 world tour and we're going with him! Well, our Victor shirt is anyway. Beginning his career as the frontman of a post-hardcore band before launching his solo career alongside The Sleeping Souls, Frank's music has covered all sorts or areas in musical genres from alternative rock to folk. However, something that has remained consistent throughout these genre changes is his exceptionally sharp stage attire, with Frank and the band often seen rocking a dapper white shirt and black tie combo at shows. Simple yet very, very effective.

But with all that jumping around on stage it must be high on their propriety list that they remain comfortable as well as stylish. And not to toot our own trumpet or anything but that's precisely what we're good at! After Chris, one of the We Are Gntlmen family, got chatting with Sleeping Souls pianist Matt, we ventured down to meet Frank and the rest of the guys. Meeting them on the first stop on his tour, our very own Manchester on the 13th April, to tell him exactly why our good ol' friend Victor, our white button down Oxford shirt, was the perfect companion for their up and coming tour. Forming the beginning of a perfect partnership.

Keeping with the recent release of Frank Turner's seventh studio album, we thought we would give you three simple and easy habits that you can adopt daily to 'Be More Kind.'

Hold The Door Open – An act that has long been associated with the mark of a true gent. Holding the door open, not only for a lady, but for anyone can make such a difference to their day. There's something so dismissive about having a door closed in your face whether intentionally or not. So the next time you're heading into work or your favourite bar at the weekend, take a glance around to see if there is anyone heading your way.

Remember Your Please's and Thank You's – Manners cost nothing but the lack of them can cost a lot. How would you feel if you went out of your way to do a favour for someone and you didn't even get so much as a courteous nod? Remembering your manners can really go a long way. Remember that cute barista who knows your coffee order off by heart? Trust me when I say you won't get anywhere without so much as a please or thank you.

Ask Someone How Their Day Is Going – A colleague, a shop assistant, that guy on the other end of a business call. Asking someone how their day is going shows a genuine interest in their lives, even for just the moment you happen to be in it. Kindness is about caring for others and showing someone that you care about how their day is going can not only make someone feel good but make you feel good too.

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and don't forget to check out Frank Turner's new album Be More Kind, out now! 

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