Autumn Wardrobe Essentials: Stripes

Autumn Wardrobe Essentials: Stripes

After touching on this topic slightly last week, we thought we would dedicate a whole blog post to a pattern that, personally, we love.


Before we start, here's a quick factoid for your next pub quiz...
In the past, stripes were actually associated with outcasts of society. It wasn't until the 1800s that people started to adopt stripes in their everyday wear.

Since then – and thanks to the help of some very notable designers – stripes became more and more popular to the point that, now, they're everywhere. That's the beauty of investing in stripes; they're around season after season, so they're suitable all year round!

They're so versatile it seems almost too easy to style them. And that's where a lot can trip up. So, naturally, we're here with some styling tips and tricks to help.

The Stripe Shirt

An essential in any gents wardrobe, this is a great way to bring a little extra depth to your suit.

Vertical stripes – like on our 'Frederick' shirt – help to elongate the torso and provide a slimmer silhouette. The traditional pale blue and white colour scheme looks great paired with a variety of suit colours, especially navy. Add a pop of colour in the form of a yellow tie and voila! You've got one very suave look.

For something more dressed down, pair with your favourite jeans, roll up the sleeves and undo the top button. This makes for a great put together, yet casual, date or drinks outfit.

Bonus Tip: If you're looking to add some contrast, try adding a spotted tie or pocket square for a stylish pattern clash.

The Breton Stripe

Hailing from Brittany (hence the name), the navy and white Breton stripe is one of the most popular and flattering stripe designs. The horizontal stripes, like that of our 'Hampton' jumper, create a wider silhouette. Great for you gents who want to make your shoulders and chest look a bit broader.

Given it's nautical seaside heritage, Breton lends itself better to more casual environments and looks great layered over a blue shirt with chinos.

If you're looking for more inspiration on styling and layering, read this post when you've finished here.

The Pinstripe Suit

When thinking of a pinstripe suit, we think of one of two things, Wall Street or Jack Skellington. And while we might secretly want to look like the world's most dapper skeleton, we'll save that for a Halloween post.

As the pattern of the suit is quite a statement, the easiest way to style a pinstripe suit is to wear it over a simple and sophisticated white shirt.


If you're wearing a pinstripes, you're probably someone who wants to make a bit of a statement. Our white 'Winston' shirt is the perfect compromise. This pairing keeps the ease and simplicity of the white shirt but the extreme cutaway collar adds something a bit different.

Done well, you can even layer stripes into your whole outfit by being strategic with width and colour.

The Accessories

Finally, if you've not quite been converted to the stripe train just yet, try adding something a little more subtle. Striped accessories come in all colours and styles so you can really have some fun with it.

Add some bold zig-zag striped socks to a simpler outfit to give it a little twist or dress up your classic suit with a striped tie. Striped cufflinks àla Paul Smith are also great for a subtle nod to the trend.

For more style tips and tricks, check out our other #stylesunday posts on the journal now.

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