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  • A Gentleman's Guide to Movie Night
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A Gentleman's Guide to Movie Night

A Gentleman's Guide to Movie Night
Forget 'netflix and chill'. A gentleman still does things the old fashioned way. Don't make your romantic interest watch a series that you are half way through just because you're desperate to know what happens next. Instead, be a gent and invite them round to watch a film. 

Now, there comes a time in every gents life when you've found yourself nervously texting 'want to come round and watch a film?'

It may bring back memories of teenage rejection. But the work actually starts when they say yes. That's when you have to work out how you can possibly be suave and charming in the space between your ironing board and an incredibly un-erotic photo of you at your graduation. 

A gntlman's guide to movie night, coming right up... 

Clean & Tidy

No excuses. Get the place tidy and get the place clean. That means no clothes drying on the maiden. No food in the sofa. No empty beer bottles. Get the marigolds on and pay specific attention to the bathroom. Mould is not gntlmanly and doesn't bode well for their impression on your personal hygiene. 

Gentleman cleaning up his house

Toilet Roll 

Go and buy some toilet roll and actually put it on the toilet roll holder. Splash out on a 'luxury' brand. No one likes a cheapskate.  

empty toilet roll

The Bedding 

If there is a chance your guest may end up under your sheets please make sure that the sheets in question are clean. Smelly sheets are a big turn off. Fresh bedding is a fine thing, and will be nice for you even if you end up sleeping alone...

The Snacks 

You've got to provide the perfect snacks for a romantic night in. Microwave popcorn is always a classic, but why not push the boat out and stock up on a few of the following as well: 

Crisps & dips 
Pistacho nuts 
Brownie bites 
Ice cream (everyone loves Ben & Jerry's) 
Pick & Mix 
    You don't have to have all of these treats available, just choose a few and pop them in bowls on the table. These little touches show that you've made a little extra effort.

    Eating popcorn gif

    The Housemate 

    Bye bye Pete. 

    The Shirt 

    Once your house or apartment is ready for your guest, it's time to turn that attention to your outfit. Shower, shave, and pop on a sharp but comfortable outfit. Suit trousers aren't made for sofa dates, but tracksuit pants should only be worn in private (or, if we could be so bold to suggest, not at all). 

    What about donning a 100% cotton jumper and a pair of jeans? Perfect for cuddles on the sofa (can we make a 'boyfriend material' joke?) 


    Say hello to the perfect film night jumper. 100% cotton, durable and incredibly comfortable. 

    Alternatively, if you'd prefer to wear a shirt, why not try a casual cutaway collar to keep things sharp but comfortable. 

    Our Orville shirts have a super soft finish, allowing maximum comfort, without sacrificing style. 


    The Film 

    Make sure you have a few films in mind. There is nothing worse than spending 2 hours going back and forth deciding what to watch because you're both too polite to make a decision. 

    Be thoughtful... suggest films that you genuinely want to share with them that you think they will enjoy. And if you don't think that you'll be able to decide on a film that you'll both enjoy, perhaps you need to rethink sparking up a relationship with this particular person. There are a lot of hours to be spent on the sofa in the future, and life is too short to watch dross like Mariah Carey in Glitter.
    Can you tell that that is wise advice from personal experience? 

    Mariah Carey in glitter

    • casual shirtscomfortable shirtscouples night infashionfilm nightfilmshow to guidemens fashionmens stylemenswearmovie nightmovies

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