A Gntlman Travels... In Style.

A Gntlman Travels... In Style.

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Last week we took you inside one of Manchester's most opulent hotels, Hotel Gotham. So this week, we decided we'd carry on the luxury theme.

So, naturally, we thought we'd explore how a gent would get to and from his luxe hotel (in style of course).
And how else than in none other than a much coveted Rolls-Royce?

Now, time for a bit of a history lesson...

Since the meeting of engineer Henry Royce and car dealership owner Charles Rolls – in our very own Midland Hotel in Manchester may we add! – there has been 3 manufacturers under the Rolls-Royce name, with Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Ltd making the cars you see today.

The 1950s marked the decade that Rolls-Royce was really put on the radar of the rich and famous and, since then, all manner of royalty and celebrity have favoured R&Rs to ferry them to and from their lavish events. So, it's no wonder the brand have a grand reputation.

Much like we do with our shirts, each car is said to have its own different personality. Which, in turn, leads to their individual design.

From Dawn to Ghost, each model offers something different and personal, made even more so by the fact that every car is completely customisable (we had a lot of fun with that on the website).

So, we decided to take a trip to the Rolls-Royce showroom here in Manchester to take a peak inside some of the world's most luxurious cars and get a sense of their personalities.

Ghost was designed to compete with vehicles less expensive than the Rolls classic, Phantom – interior designer Alan Sheppard said he designed it to be like the perfect pair of shoes – suitable for any occasion no matter how plans change.

It has been described as a more day to day car and isn't as much of a statement as the other models (although having one in itself is a pretty big statement!) so it's perfect for the gent who admires simplicity and elegance.

The Wraith is the Rolls-Royce Grand Tourer and their most powerful model. The strong silhouette of the car makes a bold impact whilst still being classy and sophisticated. We explored multiple different designs of Wraith from a grey and tan model to black and midnight blue (my personal favourite).

This car is definitely for the gent who is always looking to push the boundaries and who believes that, just because something is great, it doesn't mean it can't be improved.

If Tony Stark were a car, this would be him. With the base design of the Wraith, Dawn combines the prominence and power of it's cousin with a more playful and sleek edge.

Perfect for the gent who lives in the now, its open top showcases its luscious leather interior and gives you every moment of the scenery around you. This car is definitely not for the understated or reserved.

The model with the most history with the brand, the new Phantom is the eighth generation. Rolls pitch every Phantom as being “one of one” and stress how every car is unique to the customer. In essence, the personality of the car melds to the owner.

Unfortunately, we didn't get to sample the excellence that is this Rolls-Royce classic but here's hoping for an in depth tour of the car very soon!

To read our tour inside Manchester's Hotel Gotham, click here and don't forget to check back on Sunday for your Style Sunday post.

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