A Gntlman Travels...Hotel Gotham, Manchester.

A Gntlman Travels...Hotel Gotham, Manchester.

King Street, Manchester is known for its luxury. Formally home to Manchester's banking industry, the grand and elaborate buildings are now home to high end designer and high street stores. There is one building, however, that has served a very different purpose.

Hotel Gotham stands tall at the top of King St at number 100. Once home to the Midland Bank, the listed building is now home to one of Manchester's most 
opulent and unique hotels favoured by many a VIP. And it just so happens we were granted access to this exclusive hotel to give you a glimpse inside it's 1920s Art Deco walls.

When entering Hotel Gotham, the “lobby” may seem much smaller than expected. That is, until you realise the whole hotel is basically upside down. That's it's first quirk, the reception, restaurant and bar are all on the 6th floor, accessed by lift of course (God help us if that breaks!).

The first place we headed to was the hotel's bar, Club Brass. Open only to members and hotel guests, it sits on the 7th floor, the highest point in the hotel.
At the centre is the bar – home to a whole host of some of the finest spirits that boasts a extensive cocktail menu – which is then surrounded by sofas and bar stools. If the sun is shining like it has been of late, you can venture out with your drink onto one of the three terraces to take in the views of the Manchester skyline.

Next up is Honey Restaurant. Unlike Club Brass, the hotel's 2 AA rosette awarded restaurant is open to the public for meals and Afternoon Tea. The window tables give diners a fantastic view of the city while enjoying their meal. We particularly took a liking to the grand piano in the corner (Beethoven eat your heart out).

Gotham offers 60 unique rooms all designed to a monochromatic theme with a pop of bright colour here and there. Whilst most rooms and suites occupy the outer rim of the hotel, there are five 'Inner Sanctums' – rooms within the centre of the hotel that, instead of windows, have digital 'wonderwalls' with interchanging scenes.

We got to see one of the Bank Manager's Suites, equipped with a large wardrobe trunk and a deep roll top bath that apparently takes half an hour to fill. But don't worry gents, you can ask for the bath to be filled before you return from your adventures, so there's no waiting around.

Oh and did we mention the hotel offers a Chauffeur service complete with their own Bentley! We were rather excited about that.

Gotham sees itself as a 'stage', adding to the experience with 20s-30s themed props, from the Gotham Bugle newspaper and suitcases dotted around to the photography that adorns the walls. They even hint back to their banking history with money sack laundry bags. The attention to detail is outstanding and, as you all know, we love small but significant finishing touches.

The hotel offers a lifestyle that, even if you aren't into that 'Great Gatsby' vibe, you can't help but immerse yourself in. So, as a brand who also prides themselves on offering not only a product but a lifestyle, we couldn't help but feel we'd found some kindred spirits and we'll be sure to return.

To learn more about Hotel Gotham, click here.

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