A City Gntlman's Guide To Country Style

A City Gntlman's Guide To Country Style

Here at WAG HQ, we're fond of the city life. Your morning coffee joint is just around the corner, on your break you head to the shops and well, you're pretty much never short of anything to do. It's a pretty easy time of it.

It's made eveneasier when your city job has a dress code. You know exactly what you can wear so that means less time in the wardrobe and some extra Zs in the morning (score!).

But sometimes, we all need a change. An escape to the country perhaps?

But when you've booked that retreat in, say, the Cotswolds. What on earth do you pack?

Outside the comfort zone that is tailoring, one can be left feeling... a little lost.

Well today, we're here to guide you with our three simple and easy swaps to take your city uniform to country casual in zero seconds flat.

Swap the Suit Jacket for...

The Lightweight Puffer

The warm colours of autumn can be quite deceptive because when you step outside, it's actually flipping cold!

The temperature tends to drop a couple of degrees when you travel outside of the city, so a lightweight jacket is essential for a trip to the country.

Our 'Dalton' jacket is lightly padded to keep out the chill but still comfortable enough to wear come rain or shine. Our signature penny farthing logo sits along the horizontal stitching, creating a modern silhouette that isn't took bulky.
Perfect for any outdoor adventures.

Coming in two colour ways to suit all outfit choices beneath, choose from either a rich olive or deep black*

*This hooded edition of 'Dalton' is out at the end of this month. So keep your eyes peeled.

Swap the Briefcase for...

The Holdall

We believe every gent needs a piece of luggage that, when you place it in the boot of a car or at your feet in the hotel lobby, it gets side long looks and nods of approval. Maybe even a question about where it's from.

Holdalls are a key piece for a country getaway and none more so than our sell out bag 'Raleigh'. After all, how else are you going to pack!?

'Raleigh', our first ever bag, comes in either black or tan high quality PU leather with a sophisticated pinstripe lining. Snap fastenings hold down each end that can be opened for a little more room if you really can't decide which shirt to take, so you must take them all!

Limited amounts are available so hurry before it's too late.

Swap the starchy white shirt for...

The Flannel

A trip to the country means time to relax, so that means leaving all those stiff work shirts at home.

During this season, flannel shirts really come into their own. Now when we say flannel, we mean the super soft fabric, not the check print the term has become associated with (although we are partial to those).

Our 'Orville' shirt for example, with it's extreme cutaway collar, is the perfect day to night piece for your countryside wanderings.

Flannel shirts give you the relaxing comfort you want without sacrificing your city sophisticated style. They can be worn casually over your favourite tee or buttoned up with chinos for a dressier evening look. Definitely one for the packing list.

Finish by swapping your trousers for jeans and your Oxfords for some comfy desert boots and there you have it, the perfect base to bring city style into the rolling hills of the country.

Happy travels gents.

Now, where's my flat cap...?

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