5 Ways To Beat The Post World Cup Blues

5 Ways To Beat The Post World Cup Blues

We've all had a pretty great few weeks. We had 30 degree heat, bright sunshine and a cornucopia of sporting events to keep us entertained. Not to mention we're now dealing with complex emotional feelings towards the humble waistcoat (thanks Gareth Southgate!)

Alas, all good things must come to an end and as we bid farewell to the World Cup and Wimbledon, we're starting to slowly come to terms with our slight beer bellies, event free calenders and the startling realisation of how bad daytime TV really is.

This week has had us feeling a little underwhelmed. So to get us out of the post world cup rut, we've come up with our own guide to settle back into reality slowly and not come crashing down with a bang!

Never Fear, Other Sports A Here.

Yes, football did almost come home... and then it didn't. But it's been a week now and we think it's about time we stopped moaning about it. Tie it to a balloon and let it go! If you're still craving your sports fix, there's still a plethora of events happening this summer. If you're getting football withdrawal symptoms, then never fear. You can get your fix next month when the Premier League begins *sets mental countdown now *. Also, for you tennis fans out there, there's still the US Open to come at the end of August, so you've not been left out.

Start Planning Your (Actual) Holiday.

Day drinking and late nights may make you feel like you're on holiday, but in reality, you probably haven't even left your garden or local pub. If you've got a summer holiday already planned, then get out of your rut by planning what you'll wear and where you'll go. If you have no plans, then maybe you should make some? We just so happen to have a blog post on our favourite weekend getaways in the UK. Go on, you know you want to.

Work Off All Those Barbecues.

Is your favourite shirt feeling a little tight around the middle? No, gents, I'm afraid you haven't just bloated up because of the heat. Whether you've been watching the football or not, chances are you've taken advantage of the glorious weather and indulged in a barbecue or two (or twelve). We're due to have some cloudy days, so working off those excess burgers and beers while it's cooler and before the next spell of sunshine hits will make you feel a whole load better. Plus it gives you something to do now that there's nothing to watch on TV.

It's Okay To Tell The Guys You Want A Quiet Night.

We all have that one friend that can't quite let go of a good thing. No Dave, we do not want to come to the pub for the fifth time this week!Ā It's totally okay to say you want a quiet night in. Chances are you've been spending all day at work and then all night with your friends, so it's not anti-social to want an evening away from other humans. Stick on a film and settle into you're favourite corner of the sofa. You've earned it.

And if you're feeling totally sorry for yourself and at a loss of things to watch...

Australian Sheepdogs.
Because even the manliest of men would break under this cuteness.

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