3 Spontaneous Things To Do On A Sunny Day.

3 Spontaneous Things To Do On A Sunny Day.

Here at the We Are Gntlmen HQ, we've got a bit of a dilemma. The sun is shining, the short sleeve shirts are out and our weather apps are predicting 20 degree weather for the rest of the week. We should be thrilled right? But there's one issue. Being based in Manchester, a city renowned for it's bad weather, we're so used to the gloom and the cold that when the sun does finally show itself we're completely stumped for what to do!

The race to make the most of the good weather before it bids us farewell again is on and we're certainly feeling the high pressure (shout out to those of you who get that). So the first thing we did on Monday morning as we swapped our usual coffee order for something of the iced variety, was sit down and come up with three sunny weather activities for whatever your budget.

Picnic in the Park.

Let's kick start this with something that is both cheap and relatively easy to achieve, even on a work night. Whether you're with your other half, a group of friends or your routine lunchtime colleague, go get some Vitamin D in your local park or head to the beach, if you're lucky enough to live by one. You can impress with homemade sandwiches or make life a little easier and grab your favourite treats from the M&S Food Hall. If the sun has got you feeling extra flashy,why not splash out a bit with a cool bottle of wine or a refreshing G&T? Picnicking can be made as cheap or as expensive as you like and that's why it's the perfect go to activity for those impromptu sunny days. So dust off that tartan blanket and break out the Tupperware (but good luck on finding the lids).

Visit a Festival.

Be that music, gin, arts or food. A lot of people forget that the term 'festival' encompasses a lot more that just Reading and Leeds. You can travel near or far to find summer festivals to suit most tastes and you don't have to break the back to do it. Free festivals are especially good as they leave you with extra cash to spend at all the different stalls (or bars). If you're optimistic enough, you may have already booked tickets to a music festival this season. On the other hand, if you've woken up to glorious weather and have no plans then why not search for somewhere you can sample delicacies from around the world or sit and enjoy some open air theatre. Gin festival here we come!

Rent a Boat.

This activity is the priciest on the list but by God it's worth it. Whether it be a romantic sail for two or the nautical equivalent of a Gatsby soiree, nothing says luxury summer's day like relaxing on a boat in the middle of the big blue. Hiring a boat for the day doesn't have to just be a chilled bob up and down on the waves. You can satisfy that adrenalin rush with activities such as water skiing or scuba diving. However, if the ocean is a bit out of reach for you, why not book a dinner and sunset cruise down the river. Or, if you're anything like us, you'll find a good old paddle boat in the Lake District is definitely the way to go. So wherever you are, put on those boat shoes and set sail.


Be right back gents, I'm off to get me some sunshine.


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