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A Gentleman's Guide to Dressing for Summer (Part 2)

A Gentleman's Guide to Dressing for Summer (Part 2)

A Guide to Wearing Shorts 

It's time for the second instalment of our guide to dressing for summer.
In part 1 we discussed how to style a shirt in warmer weather. In the following blog posts we will be discussing everything else you need in your summer wardrobe. We will show you what to wear with your shirts to keep yourself looking and feeling cool when the temperature rises. This instalment focuses on the tricky sartorial statement of wearing shorts. 

When To Wear Shorts

It is always a little tricky to know when shorts are acceptable attire. We abide by the following rule- for casual events like BBQ's, beer gardens and trips to the beach with your family and friends, a pair of shorts is perfectly acceptable. For work, events or any kind of formal occasion with people you don't know, they aren't. Obviously there are some loop holes, but if you follow that rule you won't end up looking like a wally.

Which Shorts to Wear? 

Now, the shorts themselves are very important. The material, the fit, the length... it is quite a challenge to find yourself a stylish pair, and it isn't one rule for all. It all depends on your height and the shape (or lack of) of your legs. 
However, there are some rules which all Gntlmen can follow. 

The Ideal Length...

These shorts are too short. A menswear guide to dressing for summer

Length does matter gents.
Get your mind out of the gutter, what we mean is that shorts should not be too short, nor should they be too long. Clear as mud, I hear you moan. Let us clarify - shorts should finish around 3 to 5cm above the knee. 
Shorts that are longer than this and are flapping around your knees are heading for a 3/4 trouser look, which is a no go. Shorter than this and you are heading for dangerous gym short or swim short territory like the brave chaps photographed above. 

The Material 

It is important to choose shorts in fabrics that are nice and light, so you can't go wrong with cotton or linen. However, denim shorts are also a great option provided you find yourself a great pair and style them correctly. 

Chino Shorts

Navy Chino Shorts

Linea Chiltern Chino Shorts (shown above in Navy but available in 11 colours)

100% cotton from House of Fraser for £35. 

Pair these with a white or pale blue shirt, sleeves rolled up to just below the elbows and the top two buttons undone. 

Navy shorts and white shirt

Denim Shorts 

White shirt and denim shorts

Denim shorts are a little bit tricky. We suggest going for a style that finishes just above the knee, like the Levi's pictured below. They should be slim fitting to make sure you avoid the teenager skater look, but not skin tight or you'll be restricted and too hot. 

Denim Shorts from Levi
Levi  501® Original Fit Shorts 
£50 from Levi's online

Colour Scheme 

As shorts can be a style statement themselves, it is better to play it safe than get it wrong. Keep any bright colours and patterns on your top half, or just keep the colour scheme muted or monochrome with black shorts and a white shirt.
Stick to your usual trouser colours - black, blues, grey, and beige.
And despite their recent resurgence, we are wholly against white jeans and white jean shorts, which is sad news for anyone who makes fashion purchases based on the contestants in Love Island. 

Shirt & Shorts Mens Summer Style Guide

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A Gentleman's Guide to Dressing for Summer (Part 1)

A Gentleman's Guide to Dressing for Summer (Part 1)

The English summer. The topic of newspaper front pages, awkward small talk and a plethora of irritating Facebook statuses. We can't escape from discussions about the weather in the UK. Whether it is too hot or not hot enough, we talk about it and moan about it relentlessly.

The unpredictability of the weather in summer (particularly when we get the rare, glorious heatwave) gives us gents a bit of a conundrum when it comes to looking stylish. British men certainly do not have the skills of the chaps in the south of France at creating the 'just hopped off my yacht' vibe. Nor are we as comfortable throwing on a full linen suit like the Italian men that walk the streets of Florence or Milan. So, what should British Gntlmen wear in summer?

A guide to dressing well in warmer weather

Pictured above: Our Manning Shirt in Red. £42.99.

How To Wear A Shirt in Summer

In this guide, part 1 of several guides to dressing for summer, we will discuss what we know best- how to wear a shirt in summer. The following instalments will cover all of the other essential summer wardrobe items like shoes, jackets & shorts. 

The Shirt Fit 

The most important element of any shirt, in any weather, is the fit. In warm weather men tend to think that a bigger, looser shirt is going to keep them cool, and avoid any embarrassing sweat patches (we've all been there, and it ain't pretty). 
However, more material can actually mean retaining more of your body heat, plus a baggy shirt makes you look like a little boy at a school disco. It is important to find a balance.

too tight = sweat patches
too loose = 'Mum says i'll grow into it'

All of our shirts are designed with this in mind- the illusive 'Perfect Fit', not too tight and not too baggy. 

We Are Gntlmen's Shirts have the perfect fit for warm weather

Pictured above: The Shelby Shirt in Purple. £39.99.

To Tuck or Not To Tuck... 

Tucking or untucking your shirt completely depends on the occasion and on the shirt itself.
Shirts that are made with an even, flat bottom are designed specifically to look stylish when untucked.

Alternatively, a shirt with a hem that varies in length (with tails or otherwise) looks unkempt and a little immature when worn untucked. 

 Note that when you are leaving a shirt untucked, the length is very important. The untucked shirt should finish just below your waist line. 

We Are Gntlmen's Spector White Collar Bar Shirt


 The Spector. White Collar Bar Dress Shirt.

£47.99 + Free UK Delivery

The Material

Choose a light, breathable material with a loose weave to stay cool and fresh. Natural fibres are always better, as they are better at keeping you cool and they dry much faster if you do sweat a little. 

Thus, linen and cotton should be your go to shirt materials when the temperature starts to rise. 

Try one of our Manning Shirts in Orange or Red which are made using a cool, breathable cotton which keeps you fresh in any weather. 

Manning | Orange Casual Shirt

 £42.99 + Free UK Delivery

The Colour of the Shirt 

Summer is a time for paler shades. Avoid black or dark navy shirts as these will absorb heat rather than reflect it (cast your mind back to those secondary school Physics classes). 

White, pale blue, orange, pink... these can all make an appearance in your summer shirt wardrobe. 

Try our bestselling Victor Shirt on for size, the perfect staple in a Gntlman's summer wardrobe.

The Victor Shirt by We Are Gntlmen 

Victor | White Oxford Shirt

£42.99 + Free UK Delivery

100% Oxford cotton, fitted to perfection. 

The Sleeves

We love a rolled sleeve in the summer to give that casual look. Either turn up the cuff once (as pictured above), or roll all the way to underneath the elbows as pictured below.  

Rolled up shirt sleeves complete a stylish summer look

The Buttons

This final point is crucial. 

For very formal occasions (with a tie or a dickie) that top button should stay done up. No discussion.

If you're wearing a suit with an open shirt just undo the one top button. 

When you're just wearing the shirt with a pair of jeans or shorts, undo a maximum of 2-3 buttons. No one wants to see your whole chest, no matter how much you've been working on it in the gym. 

How many buttons to undo in summer

Winston | Blue Dress Shirt With Cutaway Collar

£47.99 + Free UK Shipping 

So, there we have it. 

Our Guide to Wearing Shirts in Summer: 

-Make sure your shirt fits well, baggy shirts are a no go. 
-Don't untuck a shirt without a smooth, even, bottom hem. 
-Choose a light, breathable, natural material like cotton or linen. 
-Choose a light coloured shirt.
-Rolled sleeves look great but just one turn of the cuff or all the way to the elbows. 
-2-3 buttons undone is the maximum. 

Shop for shirts.

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    Gentlemen Don't Wear Beaters

    Gentlemen Don't Wear Beaters

    The warm weather brings with it many good things. Good moods all round, al fresco dining, beers in the sunshine and spontaneous road trips to the seaside. But it also brings some serious style issues that we would like to address.

    Now, there are many style errors that we men make in warmer weather. Socks & sandals, baggy basketball shorts, football strips. But the one that makes us quake in our proverbial (dark, worn, leather) boots is this: 

    Vests are not stylish. We Are Gntlmen.

    If you've ever bought something like this, please answer us this question... what on earth were you thinking? 

    We Are Gntlmen will be bringing you a weekly blog about how to dress for warmer weather, but we feel so strongly about this that it needs to be said right now. 

    A Gntlman does not wear a vest, a beater, a racer back. Whatever you call it, can we kindly suggest that you tuck it to the back of your wardrobe, only to be brought out when you are laughing at your past self and your style faux pars in the future. (Grandads are, of course and as always, excused from this rule. We aren't depriving Ken and his poor circulation of anything.)

    So gents, if you need some summer wardrobe inspiration, let's start with our fresh, brightly coloured Manning Shirts. 

    The Manning Shirt by We Are Gntlmen is perfect for warm weather

    A cool, breathable cotton and an extreme cutaway collar. Manning is going to keep you at a splendid temperature whilst making you the most stylish gent in the group.


    £42.99 + Free UK Delivery 

    £42.99 + Free UK Delivery 
    Our Manning shirts look fantastic with a pair of navy shorts or chinos. Roll up the sleeves and leave your top button undone and you'll be looking fresh and cool as a cucumber. 
    Don a pair of loafers or boat shoes and you can stride out of your house ready for anything the warmer weather brings. 

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    A Gentleman's Guide to Father's Day

    A Gentleman's Guide to Father's Day

    Sunday 18th June is Father's Day. If your Dad is anything like mine he probably has enough novelty Homer Simpson socks and 'World's Best Dad' mugs to last him a lifetime. 
    This is the man that has taught you how to ride a bike, how to catch a ball, and who bought you your first beer. He deserves more than you and your siblings doing a last minute dash around Next or a Waterstones voucher.
    So we've made it easy for you- we've searched high and low for the best gifts on the internet so that you don't have to. Plus we've thrown some fantastic Dad jokes in for good measure. 

    "The ladies won't sleeve me alone" 

    £49.99 + Free UK Delivery

    100% cotton, durable and soft. Your Dad will be chuffed to receive a jumper from our knitwear range, like the Bennett pictured above.

    What's more, all of our products come beautifully packed in our bespoke gift boxes, stamped with our signature logo and a reminder inside that your Dad is a true gentleman. We can deliver it straight to him if you aren't able to be together this Father's Day. 

    We Are Gentlemen's Gift Boxes

    All of We Are Gntlmen's shirts & knitwear are delivered in our bespoke gift boxes pictured above. 

    "I couldn't work out how to fasten my seatbelt. Then it clicked." 

    Personalised Car Fresheners with your face on

    Fresh Face Personalised Car Fresheners 


    Yes, you heard us right. Firebox are selling personalised car air fresheners. A great novelty gift on the side. What more could your Dad want than yours and your siblings faces bobbling about at the front of his car? 

    This way, even if you are miles away from him, he still has to drive you around. 

    "I do have a balanced diet... a beer in each hand." 

    Craft beer box subscription from flavourly

    Flavourly Craft Beer Club

    3 boxes (1 per month) for £69 

    10 bottles of craft beers delivered to your Dad's door. Exclusive, small batch craft brews that are selected by a team of experts which can be personalised to your Dad's tastes. Great for Dad, and you might be able to share a cheeky drink with him too... 

    "Don't get shirty with me"

    Monroe | Chambray Shirt With Button Down Collar

    £44.99 + Free UK Shipping 

    The We Are Gntlmen Logo on the pocket

    Monroe | Chambray Shirt With Button Down Collar

    £44.99 + Free UK Shipping 

    Our Monroe shirt is the perfect way to style your Dad's wardrobe with something he will love. He will love the comfortable soft, rich, 100% chambray fabric and the subtle features will help him stand out from his pals, without being showy. 

    Shop our shirt range

    "This beard is growing on me"

    A Gentleman's shaving kit gift

    The Classic Gentlemen's Shaving Kit 


    How many times have you borrowed your Dad's razors? Perhaps it's time to return the favour with a luxury shaving kit from Not On The High Street. 

    "Sock it to me" 

    £60 + P&P 

    Sock Subscription from The London Sock Exchange 

    As much as socks can be a bit of a cop out gift, let's admit it, they do come in handy. If you've spotted your Dad's toes poking out of a pair of ancient socks, how about socks with a twist. The London Sock Exchange's one year subscription delivers him 3 pairs of socks every 3 months in their beautifully designed and rather humorous packaging. 

    So, don't wait until the last minute to buy your Father's Day Gift this year.

    Place your order with us by 2pm on Thursday 15th June for delivery in time for the big day.  

    Start shopping.

    We Are Gntlmen's Gift Boxes

    I'll call you later.
    Don't call me later, call me Dad. 

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    A Gentleman's Guide to Movie Night

    A Gentleman's Guide to Movie Night

    Forget 'netflix and chill'. A gentleman still does things the old fashioned way. Don't make your romantic interest watch a series that you are half way through just because you're desperate to know what happens next. Instead, be a gent and invite them round to watch a film. 

    Now, there comes a time in every gents life when you've found yourself nervously texting 'want to come round and watch a film?'

    It may bring back memories of teenage rejection. But the work actually starts when they say yes. That's when you have to work out how you can possibly be suave and charming in the space between your ironing board and an incredibly un-erotic photo of you at your graduation. 

    A gntlman's guide to movie night, coming right up... 

    Clean & Tidy

    No excuses. Get the place tidy and get the place clean. That means no clothes drying on the maiden. No food in the sofa. No empty beer bottles. Get the marigolds on and pay specific attention to the bathroom. Mould is not gntlmanly and doesn't bode well for their impression on your personal hygiene. 

    Gentleman cleaning up his house

    Toilet Roll 

    Go and buy some toilet roll and actually put it on the toilet roll holder. Splash out on a 'luxury' brand. No one likes a cheapskate.  

    empty toilet roll

    The Bedding 

    If there is a chance your guest may end up under your sheets please make sure that the sheets in question are clean. Smelly sheets are a big turn off. Fresh bedding is a fine thing, and will be nice for you even if you end up sleeping alone...

    The Snacks 

    You've got to provide the perfect snacks for a romantic night in. Microwave popcorn is always a classic, but why not push the boat out and stock up on a few of the following as well: 

    Crisps & dips 
    Pistacho nuts 
    Brownie bites 
    Ice cream (everyone loves Ben & Jerry's) 
    Pick & Mix 
      You don't have to have all of these treats available, just choose a few and pop them in bowls on the table. These little touches show that you've made a little extra effort.

      Eating popcorn gif

      The Housemate 

      Bye bye Pete. 

      The Shirt 

      Once your house or apartment is ready for your guest, it's time to turn that attention to your outfit. Shower, shave, and pop on a sharp but comfortable outfit. Suit trousers aren't made for sofa dates, but tracksuit pants should only be worn in private (or, if we could be so bold to suggest, not at all). 

      What about donning a 100% cotton jumper and a pair of jeans? Perfect for cuddles on the sofa (can we make a 'boyfriend material' joke?) 


      Say hello to the perfect film night jumper. 100% cotton, durable and incredibly comfortable. 

      Alternatively, if you'd prefer to wear a shirt, why not try a casual cutaway collar to keep things sharp but comfortable. 

      Our Orville shirts have a super soft finish, allowing maximum comfort, without sacrificing style. 


      The Film 

      Make sure you have a few films in mind. There is nothing worse than spending 2 hours going back and forth deciding what to watch because you're both too polite to make a decision. 

      Be thoughtful... suggest films that you genuinely want to share with them that you think they will enjoy. And if you don't think that you'll be able to decide on a film that you'll both enjoy, perhaps you need to rethink sparking up a relationship with this particular person. There are a lot of hours to be spent on the sofa in the future, and life is too short to watch dross like Mariah Carey in Glitter.
      Can you tell that that is wise advice from personal experience? 

      Mariah Carey in glitter

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      007 Ways to Dress Like Bond

      007 Ways to Dress Like Bond

      James Bond is the ultimate Gntlman. If you disagree, I'm afraid you're wrong.

      We are yet to meet a gent who wouldn't like to get a bit more of 007's style so we thought we'd put together a guide to dressing like your favourite British spy.

      Our favourite Bond is God among men, Daniel Craig. And with Tom Ford dressing Daniel in Spectre, it is hard to move away from the looks he creates in the latest film. 

      001 The Suit 

      “A suit – not a good suit but a very, very good suit – is the one garment a man can wear that can make him feel like he owns the world.”
      -Jany Temime, award winning James Bond costume designer and menswear expert.

      James Bond is THE man you want to look like when you're getting fancy and putting on a suit. 
      When it comes to getting a James Bond suit they should be as follows:

      Single breasted 
      Black or midnight blue
      High quality fabric 
      Plain- no patterns whatsoever

      "Not mad about his tailor, are you?"
      -James Bond, From Russia With Love

      002 The White Shirt 

      The perfect white shirt is a key item in every Gntlman's wardrobe. We feel so strongly about this we gave the topic its own blog post. Read about The Perfect White Shirt here. White dress shirts should be as follows:
      No pockets 
      Single or double cuff
      Point or wing collar 

      We designed our Spector shirt after watching Spectre for the 16th time and pining over the collar bar shirt shown above. Upon realising that the Tom Ford version was going to set us back around $600, we thought that our gents deserve to get the Bond look and Bond quality for less.

      £47.99 + Free Shipping 

      Our Spector Shirt
      is a 97% cotton 3% elastane crisp, white dress shirt finished with a double cuff and a collar bar, fit for a king.

      It's concealed buttons, not concealed weapons for our Gntlmen. 

      "Meet me here at seven. Black tie."
      -M, Goldfinger. 

      003 The Colour Scheme

      You don't see 007 prancing around with a pink shirt under his suit. You just don't. Ok, well, Sean Connery does wear one in Thunderball. But he is at a pool and he isn't wearing a suit so it doesn't count. 

      When you're getting suited and booted the Bond colour palette is muted- black, dark navy, white, grey, occasionally pale blue.

      "You should see the man first and the clothes second" 
      -Jany Temime, award winning James Bond costume designer and menswear expert.

      Bond wouldn't be caught dead with a flamboyant turquoise cummerbund under his suit gents, so don't even try. 

      "I shall be needing a white jacket and a black tie."
      -Bond, A View To Kill

      004 The Shoes 

      A cracking pair of Oxfords finish off your beautifully tailored suit. 

      And a Gntlman must put in the elbow grease necessary to get them sparkling- dirty shoes are not acceptable. 

      Oh my lord, what the devil’s wrong with these shoes? It looks as though they were wiped over with an oily rag!
      -Bond, A View To Kill 

      005 The Accessories 

      If you're going to pull off the Bond look, then classic, understated and usually rather expensive accessories are a must. 

      Avoid carrying around a rocket launcher cigarette or a grenade launcher pen unless you're keen on spending some time behind bars. 

      The accessories you should be investing in are:

      Simple, classic, and absolutely NOT Oakley. 

      Black socks. Behave like you're a woman in the 1800's- flashing ankle is strictly forbidden. 

      Simple, metal, and don't get 007 on them because you'll just look like a boy dressing up as James Bond rather than a Gntlman oozing Bond's class and style. 

      Bond likes a Rolex, a Breitling or in Spectre he dons a beautiful Omega. But any classic watch will do very nicely indeed. 

      Bond rarely wears a belt. Get yourself a natty pair of braces.

      Pocket Square 
      A crisp, white pocket square poking out of a dark suit pocket. The square fold is the easiest to get away with and prevents you from looking like you're going to perform a magic trick.

      Q [Handing Bond a watch]: You can have this.
      Bond: Does it do anything?
      Q: It tells the time. Might help with your punctuality issues.

      006 The Grooming 

      You can have the sharpest suit, the most expensive accessories, and have followed our guide down to the last detail. But if you're turning up unwashed and unkempt then you're not Bond.

      A clean shave is crucial to the Bond look. For special occasions have a dance with death and get yourself a cut throat shave. 

      007 The Attitude 

      "Glamour is something more than what you put on your body. It has to do with the way you carry yourself and the impact you have on others." 
      Tom Ford

      Yes we love Bond's style. But what ultimately makes Bond so cool is his confidence. He is confident without being cocky, self controlled without being psychotic and charming without being sleezy. 

      And that, dear gents is why he will always be the ultimate Gntlman. 

      Remember "When you look good, you feel good & when you feel good, you’ll do good.”

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      Gntlmen Must Know: The Club Collar

      Gntlmen Must Know: The Club Collar

      A Gntlman knows his collars. This week we are enlightening you on the 'Club Collar'. 

      Like knowing something your companions don't? Enjoy a pub quiz on a Tuesday? Or just thirsty for sartorial knowledge? Read on gents. 

      What the devil is a club collar? 

      A club collar is a rounded point on the collar of a shirt. Club collars tend to be slightly shorter in width than a traditional pointed collar too, but it is the rounded edges that define a club collar.

      How did the club collar come about? 

      The club collar originated at the most exclusive club there is... Eton College, the independent boarding school for boys located in Berkshire in the UK. Eton has been tasked with educating the young men of the rich and famous for centuries (since 1440 in fact).

      In the mid 19th century the school was in a pickle- how do they make sure that the outside world can distinguish between the young chaps of Eton and the rest of the population?

      Enter the club collar.

      In a much more stylish approach to the usual school uniform, Eton took the traditional dress collar and rounded the edges, making a small but important distinction between Etonians and the rest of the male population.

      So, why is it called the club collar? 

      To non Etonians, the club collar was there to serve as a reminder that they are not part of the exclusive 'club'. This led to the collar being nicknamed the 'club collar', which most likely started as light hearted mockery but resulted in the term being adopted by the fashion world, and the rounded edge collar has been so named ever since. 

      Speaking of club collars...

      It would be awfully rude of us to talk about club collars without introducing you to our two Shelby Shirts, our nod to Thomas Shelby, The Gntlman's Gangster. 

      Shelby | Blue Stripe Round Collar Shirt

      £39.99 + Free UK Shipping 

       No longer just for the elite. After Eton College introduced the rounded edged collar, other well dressed Gntlmen donned the look in an attempt to ride on the coat tails of the elite. In fact the predominant shirt design of the 1930's was the club collared shirt, usually combined with the eras favourite accessory, the collar bar.

      Oh... did we mention? We sell those too. 

      Spector | Collar Bar Shirt

      £47.99 + Free UK Shipping 

      The trend tapered out until a recent wave of TV & Film has reintroduced the style to our screens. Shows like Peaky Blinders, Boardwalk Empire and Mad Men have shown us glorious Gntlmen like Cillian Murphy, Steve Buscemi and John Slattery owning the club collar, so it's only right that we try it out for ourselves. 

      A Gntlman shalt not envy... 

      A Gntlman shalt not lust... 

      A Gntlman shalt not covet... but my lord, they are sexy bastards aren't they? 

      Shelby | Purple Stripe Round Collar Shirt

      £39.99 + Free UK Shipping 

      So, give the club collar a whirl. All of our shirts are designed and crafted to fit you perfectly. 'Our Fit' is not too tight, not too baggy. Just right. 

      If you'd like to get a bit more of the Thomas Shelby look, have a read of our blog post: The Gntlman's Gangster: Thomas Shelby 

      As always, our gents are on hand to offer style advice, size advice, or just advice, Gntlman to Gntlman. Get in touch or leave a comment below. 

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      The Gntlmen's Gangster: Thomas Shelby

      The Gntlmen's Gangster: Thomas Shelby

      Manchester was all a quiver with excitement last week when filming of the 4th series of Peaky Blinders commenced in our very own Northern Quarter. We'd be lying if we said we didn't sneak out to try to catch a glimpse of Cillian Murphy aka Thomas Shelby. After all, our Shelby Shirts are named in his honour so it is clear we are pretty big fans. They may have been ruthless gangsters but the Peaky Blinders sure knew how to dress. So here is the Gntlmen's guide to getting a touch of the Thomas Shelby look without the lethal weapons. 

      The Hair Cut 

      One way of bringing a touch of the Thomas Shelby to your style is to go for an undercut on your next trip to the barbers. If you're unsure whether it will suit you, you don't have to go full Shelby straight away. Just test the water. Get the sides cut shorter than the top, but not to the skin. 
      If you've been debating going for an undercut, we've found this informative post on the Men's Hair Style Trends blog, 21 New Undercut Hairstyles for Men. There is an undercut in there for every gent and for every occasion. 

      The Boots 

      Thomas Shelby's preferred footwear is a pair of cap toe, leather half boots. 
      A quality pair of leather boots is essential in a Gntlman's wardrobe. And they only get better with age, so wear them to the office whilst they are in pristine condition and then for more casual occasions as they get a little more battered and worn. 
      We like these from London-based label H Shoes by Hudson.

      The Shirt 

      As was the style in the 1920's, Thomas Shelby and gang wear round collared shirts with a detachable stiff collar. Their collars are always bright white and the pinstripes are muted in colour, in pale blue or lavender. 
      We designed our 2 Shelby Shirts as a homage to the man himself. They really are the perfect round collar shirts, and there is no need for the faff of a detachable collar. The striped body (in either purple or blue) and white contrast collar and cuff add a little Shelby swagger to the classic shirt wearing gent. 
      "You better not have razor blades in that fedora"
      Two of our dapper Gntlmen are pictured above wearing Shelby Shirts, available to buy on our website for £39.99 with free delivery in the UK. 
      £39.99 + Free UK Shipping 
      £39.99 + Free UK Shipping 

      The Peaked Cap 

      The Peaky Blinders are so named because they are believed to have stitched razor blades into the peak of their flat caps so they could use them as weapons in a ruckus.
      Now, a Gntlman doesn't fight, and he certainly doesn't go around brandishing sharp objects (read our 5 Top Tips on How to be a True Gent if you're unsure of the protocol).
      But we do love a hat, particularly a flat cap, so leave your Gillette in one piece and keep your flat cap seams in tact. 
      Go for a tweed or wool flat cap, ideally an 8 piece News Boy or Baker Boy. No bright colours as you're emulating a look from the 1920's in impoverished Birmingham. Colours are muted and materials are rough and ready, just like the man himself.  

      Less is More

      But always remember gents- it is a fine line between adding a touch of 1920's gangster to your style and looking like you're on your way to fancy dress party.
      We are aiming for this...
      not this...
      If in doubt, get in touch with our gents for style advice, or leave a comment below. 

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      What Collar for What Occasion?

      What Collar for What Occasion?

      This is a question I am asked repeatedly so today I am going to give you my thoughts on what collar you should be wearing for what occasion. Now gents, as with anything style related, this is open to opinion so don’t hold it against me if you don’t agree!


      So let’s get down to business (excuse the pun) and talk about what collar you should be wearing to your big interview or client meeting.
      I hate to be the bearer of bad news but unfortunately during the week personal style really should take a back seat. I am extremely particular about this and although I love wearing my more expressive clothes after work and at the weekends, interviews and corporate meetings require a crisp white shirt with a classic collar. Nothing else will do.  
      Paired with a wide tie and a sharp, well fitted suit, you’ll be standing out for all the right reasons. Please trust me when I say skinny ties and skinny suit trousers are a ‘no, no’.
      That being said, once you’ve secured the job, perhaps the office setting you work in is a little more casual and you’re not so client facing. I can hear the cogs turning already and asking, ‘is it acceptable to wear a tie with a button down collar?’
      Well, the answer is a resounding yes gents. This can be a great look and works perfectly with a suit.
      Finally, how about trying a cutaway collar with a tie? Make sure you practise your double Windsor though! These shirts really show off your tie knot!

      Follow the above advice gents and you’ll be looking dapper; even if you have to be at work.


      Firstly, TGIF, but secondly, you can finally get rid of that tie!
      You’ve spent all week wearing a dreaded tie and finally your Friday night G&T is in sight. Ditching the tie means you have a much wider choice of collar options and can express yourself a little more.
      Personally on a Friday I stick with a well-fitted shirt and stay away from anything too casual, like flannel for example.
      I personally love a classic Oxford and would recommend the Victor. One of the best Oxfords I have bought recently!  I know I may be slightly biased, but come on, you can't deny that it's a great looking shirt!  Available in both blue and white.  Check out the white one here.
      Alternatively, go for a cutaway and experiment with a more exciting colour than your usual light work shirts - I love the salmon red one below, which can be purchased here.



      Gents, the world is your oyster on a Saturday night and why not take the opportunity to dress to impress?
      I am currently obsessed with a Grandad collar and think you should be too. Obviously any collar goes when you’re going out, however, when it comes to the new We Are Gntlmen collection, there are two clear winners: Oswald and Monroe.
      The Grandad collar couldn’t be more in at the moment and gives a real going out vibe to a pair of jeans. Make the most of your Saturday night and wear something a bit different from your weekday shirts!
      So if you want something with a collar, try the Monroe with its button down collar and great fit.  A going out shirt that oozes classic style.

      …AND CHILL.

      I’m all over flannel shirts at the weekend. I love wearing them with my Levis and Desert boots.
      Try a flannel shirt with cutaway or classic collar or why not mix it up with a long sleeved polo and take advantage of a super soft and comfy collar - check out some of our polo options here. Who really wants to be wearing a structured shirt on a Sunday afternoon anyway?
      Just because it’s the weekend, doesn’t mean you can’t be comfy but still look like a stylish gent.
      I hope I've debunked a few collar mysteries today!
      On a final note, don't forget....

      'Anyone can be heroic from time to time, but a gentleman is something you have to be all the time.'

      (Luigi Pirandello)

      Albie, out.

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      SS17 Top Trends - Greys, Greens and Grandads!

      SS17 Top Trends - Greys, Greens and Grandads!

      Another exciting week at We Are Gntlmen – our new collection has landed and just in case you haven't noticed, we’re pretty happy about it! As we’re all about the details, we have taken our time and really perfected our new collection to make sure our loyal gents always grab attention for the right reasons.
      Today I’m going to take some time and introduce you properly to some of my favourite pieces, along with some ideas on how to wear your new shirts.
      Check out the whole collection here.


      Gaining momentum over the past few seasons, if you haven't already jumped on board, the Grandad Collar is the one to get involved in this season!  Following it's appearance on multiple runways for SS17, I guarantee you will start seeing it everywhere so make sure you get on board quickly and take the lead on this statement collar.  

      Not only do I love these because they are absolutely on trend right now, I also love the fact the Oswald is soft and fits incredibly, gives a nod to traditional menswear and will look great long after SS17.

      I personally love the maroon version of this shirt but greys were all over the runways for SS17 with Georgio Armani, Valentino and Prada showing key grey pieces, so you really can't go wrong with either the maroon or charcoal option!

      These came down the runway in their droves and can be styled with almost anything. Jeans, shorts (if it ever gets warm enough), tweed or herringbone trousers, dress these shirts up or down!
      Remember - collar-less is more.


      Somewhat controversially, I am a huge fan of double denim, however for those that worry about the all blue look, check out the new Irving!  

      This shirt gets my nod of approval as it's casual but stylish, and as always from We Are Gntlmen, it's really well made.  Also, did I mention we make it in grey?  If you haven't got the message yet that you should be wearing grey this season, then I really don't know what you've been reading so far!    

      Trends for Spring / Summer are along the lines of quite dark colours so I would definitely suggest a good pair of black slim fit jeans with this shirt.  Also, nothing spoils a great outfit like a poorly fitting shirt which is why we've paid close attention to how this shirt hugs your body.  If you're at all unsure, check out our size guide.



      Trust me when I say, this one will make your friends green with style envy (excuse the pun).  This shirt seemingly has it all:  quality, fit, style and colour.  Greens are another colour We Are Gntlmen and the fashion world love right now.

      Khaki is out, dark olive green is in!

      The cutaway collar on this shirt creates a smart casual shirt with a twist.  Unless you're walking on a runway, I would suggest keeping the rest of your outfit light and airy.  Try wearing this to work for casual Friday with some neutral chinos and brogues, or dress it down to go to the pub with some jeans and cool kicks.    



      Where do I start with the Monroe?  This is my favourite shirt of the collection.  The signature We Are Gntlmen double button detailing, the button down collar and and fit of this beauty are unbeatable. 

      This shirt takes inspiration from a classic Oxford but has been crafted in a soft chambray cotton allowing that extra comfort.

      It couldn't possibly be more versatile or wearable.  The style lends itself to being dressed up, but the fabric allows it to be dressed down.  Pair this with any style of jeans, trousers or shorts of your choice!



      Available in both blue and green, this is another versatile shirt that can be dressed up or down.  I think you might realise by now that I am all over green this season so obviously the green is my shirt of choice.  
      This houndstooth shirt gives off a real country gent feel and ensures you can comfortably mix business with pleasure.  Finished with it's contrasting thread and logo detail on the cuff, these finer details ensure you look stylish wherever you are.  


      For the everyday gntlman, Earl is a true classic & should quickly become a wardrobe staple. 

      Wear with a dark grey suit or your favourite casual jeans and jacket. Both are fine with us! 


      Check back over the next few days for our next post on 'What collar for what occasion'.  Stylish AND educational!


      To shop the latest collection click here.


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