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007 Ways to Dress Like Bond

007 Ways to Dress Like Bond

James Bond is the ultimate Gntlman. If you disagree, I'm afraid you're wrong.

We are yet to meet a gent who wouldn't like to get a bit more of 007's style so we thought we'd put together a guide to dressing like your favourite British spy.

Our favourite Bond is God among men, Daniel Craig. And with Tom Ford dressing Daniel in Spectre, it is hard to move away from the looks he creates in the latest film. 

001 The Suit 

“A suit – not a good suit but a very, very good suit – is the one garment a man can wear that can make him feel like he owns the world.”
-Jany Temime, award winning James Bond costume designer and menswear expert.

James Bond is THE man you want to look like when you're getting fancy and putting on a suit. 
When it comes to getting a James Bond suit they should be as follows:

Single breasted 
Black or midnight blue
High quality fabric 
Plain- no patterns whatsoever

"Not mad about his tailor, are you?"
-James Bond, From Russia With Love

002 The White Shirt 

The perfect white shirt is a key item in every Gntlman's wardrobe. We feel so strongly about this we gave the topic its own blog post. Read about The Perfect White Shirt here. White dress shirts should be as follows:
No pockets 
Single or double cuff
Point or wing collar 

We designed our Spector shirt after watching Spectre for the 16th time and pining over the collar bar shirt shown above. Upon realising that the Tom Ford version was going to set us back around $600, we thought that our gents deserve to get the Bond look and Bond quality for less.

£47.99 + Free Shipping 

Our Spector Shirt
is a 97% cotton 3% elastane crisp, white dress shirt finished with a double cuff and a collar bar, fit for a king.

It's concealed buttons, not concealed weapons for our Gntlmen. 

"Meet me here at seven. Black tie."
-M, Goldfinger. 

003 The Colour Scheme

You don't see 007 prancing around with a pink shirt under his suit. You just don't. Ok, well, Sean Connery does wear one in Thunderball. But he is at a pool and he isn't wearing a suit so it doesn't count. 

When you're getting suited and booted the Bond colour palette is muted- black, dark navy, white, grey, occasionally pale blue.

"You should see the man first and the clothes second" 
-Jany Temime, award winning James Bond costume designer and menswear expert.

Bond wouldn't be caught dead with a flamboyant turquoise cummerbund under his suit gents, so don't even try. 

"I shall be needing a white jacket and a black tie."
-Bond, A View To Kill

004 The Shoes 

A cracking pair of Oxfords finish off your beautifully tailored suit. 

And a Gntlman must put in the elbow grease necessary to get them sparkling- dirty shoes are not acceptable. 

Oh my lord, what the devil’s wrong with these shoes? It looks as though they were wiped over with an oily rag!
-Bond, A View To Kill 

005 The Accessories 

If you're going to pull off the Bond look, then classic, understated and usually rather expensive accessories are a must. 

Avoid carrying around a rocket launcher cigarette or a grenade launcher pen unless you're keen on spending some time behind bars. 

The accessories you should be investing in are:

Simple, classic, and absolutely NOT Oakley. 

Black socks. Behave like you're a woman in the 1800's- flashing ankle is strictly forbidden. 

Simple, metal, and don't get 007 on them because you'll just look like a boy dressing up as James Bond rather than a Gntlman oozing Bond's class and style. 

Bond likes a Rolex, a Breitling or in Spectre he dons a beautiful Omega. But any classic watch will do very nicely indeed. 

Bond rarely wears a belt. Get yourself a natty pair of braces.

Pocket Square 
A crisp, white pocket square poking out of a dark suit pocket. The square fold is the easiest to get away with and prevents you from looking like you're going to perform a magic trick.

Q [Handing Bond a watch]: You can have this.
Bond: Does it do anything?
Q: It tells the time. Might help with your punctuality issues.

006 The Grooming 

You can have the sharpest suit, the most expensive accessories, and have followed our guide down to the last detail. But if you're turning up unwashed and unkempt then you're not Bond.

A clean shave is crucial to the Bond look. For special occasions have a dance with death and get yourself a cut throat shave. 

007 The Attitude 

"Glamour is something more than what you put on your body. It has to do with the way you carry yourself and the impact you have on others." 
Tom Ford

Yes we love Bond's style. But what ultimately makes Bond so cool is his confidence. He is confident without being cocky, self controlled without being psychotic and charming without being sleezy. 

And that, dear gents is why he will always be the ultimate Gntlman. 

Remember "When you look good, you feel good & when you feel good, you’ll do good.”

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Gntlmen Must Know: The Club Collar

Gntlmen Must Know: The Club Collar

A Gntlman knows his collars. This week we are enlightening you on the 'Club Collar'. 

Like knowing something your companions don't? Enjoy a pub quiz on a Tuesday? Or just thirsty for sartorial knowledge? Read on gents. 

What the devil is a club collar? 

A club collar is a rounded point on the collar of a shirt. Club collars tend to be slightly shorter in width than a traditional pointed collar too, but it is the rounded edges that define a club collar.

How did the club collar come about? 

The club collar originated at the most exclusive club there is... Eton College, the independent boarding school for boys located in Berkshire in the UK. Eton has been tasked with educating the young men of the rich and famous for centuries (since 1440 in fact).

In the mid 19th century the school was in a pickle- how do they make sure that the outside world can distinguish between the young chaps of Eton and the rest of the population?

Enter the club collar.

In a much more stylish approach to the usual school uniform, Eton took the traditional dress collar and rounded the edges, making a small but important distinction between Etonians and the rest of the male population.

So, why is it called the club collar? 

To non Etonians, the club collar was there to serve as a reminder that they are not part of the exclusive 'club'. This led to the collar being nicknamed the 'club collar', which most likely started as light hearted mockery but resulted in the term being adopted by the fashion world, and the rounded edge collar has been so named ever since. 

Speaking of club collars...

It would be awfully rude of us to talk about club collars without introducing you to our two Shelby Shirts, our nod to Thomas Shelby, The Gntlman's Gangster. 

Shelby | Blue Stripe Round Collar Shirt

£39.99 + Free UK Shipping 

 No longer just for the elite. After Eton College introduced the rounded edged collar, other well dressed Gntlmen donned the look in an attempt to ride on the coat tails of the elite. In fact the predominant shirt design of the 1930's was the club collared shirt, usually combined with the eras favourite accessory, the collar bar.

Oh... did we mention? We sell those too. 

Spector | Collar Bar Shirt

£47.99 + Free UK Shipping 

The trend tapered out until a recent wave of TV & Film has reintroduced the style to our screens. Shows like Peaky Blinders, Boardwalk Empire and Mad Men have shown us glorious Gntlmen like Cillian Murphy, Steve Buscemi and John Slattery owning the club collar, so it's only right that we try it out for ourselves. 

A Gntlman shalt not envy... 

A Gntlman shalt not lust... 

A Gntlman shalt not covet... but my lord, they are sexy bastards aren't they? 

Shelby | Purple Stripe Round Collar Shirt

£39.99 + Free UK Shipping 

So, give the club collar a whirl. All of our shirts are designed and crafted to fit you perfectly. 'Our Fit' is not too tight, not too baggy. Just right. 

If you'd like to get a bit more of the Thomas Shelby look, have a read of our blog post: The Gntlman's Gangster: Thomas Shelby 

As always, our gents are on hand to offer style advice, size advice, or just advice, Gntlman to Gntlman. Get in touch or leave a comment below. 

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The Gntlmen's Gangster: Thomas Shelby

The Gntlmen's Gangster: Thomas Shelby

Manchester was all a quiver with excitement last week when filming of the 4th series of Peaky Blinders commenced in our very own Northern Quarter. We'd be lying if we said we didn't sneak out to try to catch a glimpse of Cillian Murphy aka Thomas Shelby. After all, our Shelby Shirts are named in his honour so it is clear we are pretty big fans. They may have been ruthless gangsters but the Peaky Blinders sure knew how to dress. So here is the Gntlmen's guide to getting a touch of the Thomas Shelby look without the lethal weapons. 

The Hair Cut 

One way of bringing a touch of the Thomas Shelby to your style is to go for an undercut on your next trip to the barbers. If you're unsure whether it will suit you, you don't have to go full Shelby straight away. Just test the water. Get the sides cut shorter than the top, but not to the skin. 
If you've been debating going for an undercut, we've found this informative post on the Men's Hair Style Trends blog, 21 New Undercut Hairstyles for Men. There is an undercut in there for every gent and for every occasion. 

The Boots 

Thomas Shelby's preferred footwear is a pair of cap toe, leather half boots. 
A quality pair of leather boots is essential in a Gntlman's wardrobe. And they only get better with age, so wear them to the office whilst they are in pristine condition and then for more casual occasions as they get a little more battered and worn. 
We like these from London-based label H Shoes by Hudson.

The Shirt 

As was the style in the 1920's, Thomas Shelby and gang wear round collared shirts with a detachable stiff collar. Their collars are always bright white and the pinstripes are muted in colour, in pale blue or lavender. 
We designed our 2 Shelby Shirts as a homage to the man himself. They really are the perfect round collar shirts, and there is no need for the faff of a detachable collar. The striped body (in either purple or blue) and white contrast collar and cuff add a little Shelby swagger to the classic shirt wearing gent. 
"You better not have razor blades in that fedora"
Two of our dapper Gntlmen are pictured above wearing Shelby Shirts, available to buy on our website for £39.99 with free delivery in the UK. 
£39.99 + Free UK Shipping 
£39.99 + Free UK Shipping 

The Peaked Cap 

The Peaky Blinders are so named because they are believed to have stitched razor blades into the peak of their flat caps so they could use them as weapons in a ruckus.
Now, a Gntlman doesn't fight, and he certainly doesn't go around brandishing sharp objects (read our 5 Top Tips on How to be a True Gent if you're unsure of the protocol).
But we do love a hat, particularly a flat cap, so leave your Gillette in one piece and keep your flat cap seams in tact. 
Go for a tweed or wool flat cap, ideally an 8 piece News Boy or Baker Boy. No bright colours as you're emulating a look from the 1920's in impoverished Birmingham. Colours are muted and materials are rough and ready, just like the man himself.  

Less is More

But always remember gents- it is a fine line between adding a touch of 1920's gangster to your style and looking like you're on your way to fancy dress party.
We are aiming for this...
not this...
If in doubt, get in touch with our gents for style advice, or leave a comment below. 

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What Collar for What Occasion?

What Collar for What Occasion?

This is a question I am asked repeatedly so today I am going to give you my thoughts on what collar you should be wearing for what occasion. Now gents, as with anything style related, this is open to opinion so don’t hold it against me if you don’t agree!


So let’s get down to business (excuse the pun) and talk about what collar you should be wearing to your big interview or client meeting.
I hate to be the bearer of bad news but unfortunately during the week personal style really should take a back seat. I am extremely particular about this and although I love wearing my more expressive clothes after work and at the weekends, interviews and corporate meetings require a crisp white shirt with a classic collar. Nothing else will do.  
Paired with a wide tie and a sharp, well fitted suit, you’ll be standing out for all the right reasons. Please trust me when I say skinny ties and skinny suit trousers are a ‘no, no’.
That being said, once you’ve secured the job, perhaps the office setting you work in is a little more casual and you’re not so client facing. I can hear the cogs turning already and asking, ‘is it acceptable to wear a tie with a button down collar?’
Well, the answer is a resounding yes gents. This can be a great look and works perfectly with a suit.
Finally, how about trying a cutaway collar with a tie? Make sure you practise your double Windsor though! These shirts really show off your tie knot!

Follow the above advice gents and you’ll be looking dapper; even if you have to be at work.


Firstly, TGIF, but secondly, you can finally get rid of that tie!
You’ve spent all week wearing a dreaded tie and finally your Friday night G&T is in sight. Ditching the tie means you have a much wider choice of collar options and can express yourself a little more.
Personally on a Friday I stick with a well-fitted shirt and stay away from anything too casual, like flannel for example.
I personally love a classic Oxford and would recommend the Victor. One of the best Oxfords I have bought recently!  I know I may be slightly biased, but come on, you can't deny that it's a great looking shirt!  Available in both blue and white.  Check out the white one here.
Alternatively, go for a cutaway and experiment with a more exciting colour than your usual light work shirts - I love the salmon red one below, which can be purchased here.



Gents, the world is your oyster on a Saturday night and why not take the opportunity to dress to impress?
I am currently obsessed with a Grandad collar and think you should be too. Obviously any collar goes when you’re going out, however, when it comes to the new We Are Gntlmen collection, there are two clear winners: Oswald and Monroe.
The Grandad collar couldn’t be more in at the moment and gives a real going out vibe to a pair of jeans. Make the most of your Saturday night and wear something a bit different from your weekday shirts!
So if you want something with a collar, try the Monroe with its button down collar and great fit.  A going out shirt that oozes classic style.


I’m all over flannel shirts at the weekend. I love wearing them with my Levis and Desert boots.
Try a flannel shirt with cutaway or classic collar or why not mix it up with a long sleeved polo and take advantage of a super soft and comfy collar - check out some of our polo options here. Who really wants to be wearing a structured shirt on a Sunday afternoon anyway?
Just because it’s the weekend, doesn’t mean you can’t be comfy but still look like a stylish gent.
I hope I've debunked a few collar mysteries today!
On a final note, don't forget....

'Anyone can be heroic from time to time, but a gentleman is something you have to be all the time.'

(Luigi Pirandello)

Albie, out.

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SS17 Top Trends - Greys, Greens and Grandads!

SS17 Top Trends - Greys, Greens and Grandads!

Another exciting week at We Are Gntlmen – our new collection has landed and just in case you haven't noticed, we’re pretty happy about it! As we’re all about the details, we have taken our time and really perfected our new collection to make sure our loyal gents always grab attention for the right reasons.
Today I’m going to take some time and introduce you properly to some of my favourite pieces, along with some ideas on how to wear your new shirts.
Check out the whole collection here.


Gaining momentum over the past few seasons, if you haven't already jumped on board, the Grandad Collar is the one to get involved in this season!  Following it's appearance on multiple runways for SS17, I guarantee you will start seeing it everywhere so make sure you get on board quickly and take the lead on this statement collar.  

Not only do I love these because they are absolutely on trend right now, I also love the fact the Oswald is soft and fits incredibly, gives a nod to traditional menswear and will look great long after SS17.

I personally love the maroon version of this shirt but greys were all over the runways for SS17 with Georgio Armani, Valentino and Prada showing key grey pieces, so you really can't go wrong with either the maroon or charcoal option!

These came down the runway in their droves and can be styled with almost anything. Jeans, shorts (if it ever gets warm enough), tweed or herringbone trousers, dress these shirts up or down!
Remember - collar-less is more.


Somewhat controversially, I am a huge fan of double denim, however for those that worry about the all blue look, check out the new Irving!  

This shirt gets my nod of approval as it's casual but stylish, and as always from We Are Gntlmen, it's really well made.  Also, did I mention we make it in grey?  If you haven't got the message yet that you should be wearing grey this season, then I really don't know what you've been reading so far!    

Trends for Spring / Summer are along the lines of quite dark colours so I would definitely suggest a good pair of black slim fit jeans with this shirt.  Also, nothing spoils a great outfit like a poorly fitting shirt which is why we've paid close attention to how this shirt hugs your body.  If you're at all unsure, check out our size guide.



Trust me when I say, this one will make your friends green with style envy (excuse the pun).  This shirt seemingly has it all:  quality, fit, style and colour.  Greens are another colour We Are Gntlmen and the fashion world love right now.

Khaki is out, dark olive green is in!

The cutaway collar on this shirt creates a smart casual shirt with a twist.  Unless you're walking on a runway, I would suggest keeping the rest of your outfit light and airy.  Try wearing this to work for casual Friday with some neutral chinos and brogues, or dress it down to go to the pub with some jeans and cool kicks.    



Where do I start with the Monroe?  This is my favourite shirt of the collection.  The signature We Are Gntlmen double button detailing, the button down collar and and fit of this beauty are unbeatable. 

This shirt takes inspiration from a classic Oxford but has been crafted in a soft chambray cotton allowing that extra comfort.

It couldn't possibly be more versatile or wearable.  The style lends itself to being dressed up, but the fabric allows it to be dressed down.  Pair this with any style of jeans, trousers or shorts of your choice!



Available in both blue and green, this is another versatile shirt that can be dressed up or down.  I think you might realise by now that I am all over green this season so obviously the green is my shirt of choice.  
This houndstooth shirt gives off a real country gent feel and ensures you can comfortably mix business with pleasure.  Finished with it's contrasting thread and logo detail on the cuff, these finer details ensure you look stylish wherever you are.  


For the everyday gntlman, Earl is a true classic & should quickly become a wardrobe staple. 

Wear with a dark grey suit or your favourite casual jeans and jacket. Both are fine with us! 


Check back over the next few days for our next post on 'What collar for what occasion'.  Stylish AND educational!


To shop the latest collection click here.


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The Perfect Pancake.

The Perfect Pancake.

Okay, so when I say 'the perfect pancake', we all know that when it comes to pancakes, the ‘perfect’ recipe is always a topic of hot debate! Sweet, savoury, sweet AND savoury, thick, thin, American, British, French… The list goes on! 

As much as I am personally a 'classic British pancake with lemon and sugar' kind of guy, I have been called boring by many, so this year I am pushing the boat out.

I’ve utilised all my resources, tried out many different batter recipes and finally I genuinely think I’ve found the perfect pancake recipe! Drumroll please…

This year I am going American, with Thick Pancakes with Salted Caramel and Pecan Topping! 

If this wets your whistle, then have a gander at our recipe below:


The Pancake Mix

135 grams of self raising flour
1 teaspoon of baking powder
2 tablespoons of caster sugar
½ teaspoon of salt
130 millilitres of milk
1 large egg, lightly beaten

2 tablespoons of melted belted butter

 The method is straight forward here - mix all the dry ingredients together, then separately mix all the wet ingredients together and finally pour the wet mix into the dry.  Whisk until smooth.  Easy.

I assume you'll be okay from here!  The actual cooking is straight forward - just make sure you add some greaseproof paper between each pancake to stop them sticking to each other.


The Salted Caramel Sauce

This can be a bit tricky but if you take on any tips from this journal, make sure it's this one.  DO NOT stir the sugar whilst it's melting! 

200 grams of granulated sugar
90 grams of salted butter
120 millilitres of double cream

1 teaspoon of salt

Let the sugar melt and then once brown add the butter then once whisked very slowly add the cream.  Once it's all mixed in, take it off the heat and add the salt.


The Pecan Topping

200 grams of pecans

Finally the easy bit - chop these bad boys up and serve on top of a stack of pancakes with the salted caramel sauce running between each pancake!




Until next time...

Albie Monton.


*We Are Gntlmen accept no responsibility for any weight gain caused by these pancakes!  



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The Year Of The Mini-Break.

The Year Of The Mini-Break.


We don’t know about you but here are We Are Gntlmen HQ it’s already been a crazy busy start to the year and to be honest, we feel like we’re due a few weekends away! We’ve decided that this year we’re going to make the most of our weekends and venture to some new places. This year we’re encouraging you to discover some new places too so here are three of our top cities we have already visited and we reckon you should too…. Go on, you deserve it! 



 Before you ask, no, I haven’t selected this city because I share its name! This place is steeped in history and is a great place to discover some of the quieter and picturesque corners of France. Plus, it’s firmly in wine country so you’re in for a treat! 


Our top suggestions of activities include: 


Canoe down the River Tarn 


If you’re like me and want to get outside as much as you can, then trust me when I suggest taking a day to canoe some of the River Tarn. This river runs straight through Albi so renting a kayak with one of the local companies is easy. 


You will meander through some incredible scenery including some breath-taking gorges and test your skills as you go down some adventurous weirs.


Top tip: Take a few beers in your canoe – there are plenty of places to stop to enjoy them in the sun.


Museum of Henri de Toulouse Lautrec 


If you haven’t heard of this gent, I’ll give you a quick education. He’s a Post-Impressionist artist and is pretty famous for producing some amazing work including the Moulin Rouge poster that you’ll definitely recognise. The museum is well worth a visit and is just next to the cathedral – another favourite.



Take a Wine Flight 


My all time favourite place to do this is at La Table du Sommalier. This restaurant and bar is classically French and prides itself on the marriage of wine and food. If you’re a wine lover then this place couldn’t come more highly recommended.



Costs and Logistics 


Fly to Toulouse and jump on a train from the airport. You’ll find flights for anywhere between £50 to £75 return, depending of course on the time of year. The train costs as little as €14. If you can afford to splash out, hire a car for a day and see the surrounding countryside. 

 Hotels are easy to find and three and four-stars come in at anywhere from £45 and £75 per night, respectively. 




So I’m not going to lie, you may need 5 days for this one as it will take you a little longer to get there, but if you’re a fan of coffee and learning about modern history, it will be worth it. The Old Town in Sarajevo is a charming and bustling town that will offer you some of the best coffee you’ve ever tried. Further out, Sarajevo has a darker past and you can still see evidence of the terrible war that took place between 1992 and 1995. This combination makes Sarajevo a really special place that offers various different activities. 


These are my suggestions: 


Drink Coffee in the Old Town 


Ask for a coffee in the old town and you’ll be presented with coffee in a handcrafted copper coffee pot, large sugar lumps, a cup and a piece of a Turkish delight. It’s a very complicated business over there! Whatever you do…. do not pour the coffee straight into the cup!! The coffee ground is at the bottom of the copper pot and you have to manoeuvre it careful. Spoon off some of the foam on top, gently pour the coffee out and then use the spoon to stop the coffee coming out when you get closer to the bottom. Then, if you watch the locals, they don’t put the sugar lump in the coffee, but dip the sugar into the cup and then eat the sugar separately. Finally, enjoy the Turkish delight. I told you it was complicated! As a coffee lover, I have tried coffee all over the world but this is by far the best!



Visit the Tunnel Museum 


History lesson alert! During the Bosnian War, the Serbians were blocking all food, arms and aid coming into Bosnia as they took control of the land between the Airport and Sarajevo City. Bosnia would have lost the war had it not been for some bright sparks building an underground tunnel between the airport and a house in Bosnia’s territory, saving hundreds of thousands of lives. Without sounding like too much of a geek, this place is well worth a visit. Although it’s pretty haunting, it’s also really interesting.



Take a Walking Tour 


Lastly, I would recommend taking a walk around this amazing place and seeing the buildings peppered with bullet holes whilst taking in the slightly sombre atmosphere. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea (or coffee!) but I would definitely recommend it if you want to go somewhere a little different and learn an awful lot.



Costs and Logistics 


As I mentioned before, this is going to take you a little longer to get to. At the time of writing, there are no direct flights from the UK, however you can get there with just an hour stop in either Germany or Croatia. Total flight time (including your stop time) will be around 4 hours and will cost about £200. 


The great thing about Sarajevo? The flights cost a lot, but the accommodation is cheap. Three and four star hotels are £40-£65 per night and £75 - £90 per night, respectively. 




Known mainly for business and banks, I can firmly say that Geneva has so much more to offer. If you're a fan of watches then you don't want to miss out on this. Trust me, you’ll love it. 

 These are my recommendations: 

 The Patek Philippe Museum 


As I’ve already mentioned, Geneva is the place to be if you appreciate fine watches and this museum is the icing on the cake. This museum explores the rich history of the intricate methods of watch manufacture and looks at how styles have change dramatically over time. You’ve got to love a Swiss timepiece!



Lake Geneva 


One of the most tranquil and stunning settings, this place is what dreams are made of. Weather permitting, speak to one of the many local water sports centres and get out on a paddle board. 

With snow topped mountains and crystal blue water as far as the eye can see, this place is bliss. Plus it's only a short journey away from the city centre so you have no excuse.



Eat a Cheese Fondue


Unless you're lactose intolerant, I’m afraid I can't let you visit Geneva without trying a cheese fondue. I would recommend a restaurant called Les Armures which is right next to the cathedral and a great setting in the city.



Costs and Logistics 


There's good news and there's bad news… 


The good news is the flights to Geneva are really cheap and come in at around £50 - £70 per person return from both Manchester and London. Plus, travel in the city is completely free for tourists! 


The bad news is that accommodation can be quite pricey. Three-star hotels and four-star hotels start from around £125 and £145 per night, respectively. Make sure you shop around though as there are always deals! The prices I’ve quoted are inclusive of some current deals. 


We are always updating our bucket list so please let us know if you would recommend any other great cities. We’ll keep you updated on our travels so check back for more upcoming articles! We’ve already got some great destinations in the pipeline!


Read our Weekend Away post to find a perfect bag to take with you. 


Until next time... 

Albie Monton. 

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A Gentleman's Guide To Valentine's Day: Part Two.

A Gentleman's Guide To Valentine's Day: Part Two.

Hopefully by now you’ve got the presents sorted and you’ve planned where you're going to take your wonderful lady, however if we’re honest, these levels of organisation seem a little too good to be true. It’s not that we’re doubting you but we've got a sneaky suspicion you gents may need some last minute advice on romantic venues in Manchester! 

We’ve chosen our top five venues that will rescue your eleventh hour plans! 



Hidden away in the NQ, this cool, dark and moody speakeasy bar is a hot, romantic spot. As you’ll have guessed by the name, this vintage bar is inspired by The Great Gatsby and doesn't disappoint. With it’s elegant décor, extensive cocktails and 1920s playlist, this bar is a perfect date night option.



This Italian wine bar is one of those great venues you may not have noticed before.  Any lady who enjoys a glass of wine or four will appreciate this choice (applicable to most ladies then!).  Veeno offer different options of wine tasting, including our favourite, a blind wine tasting session. Get yourselves booked in and take off on a fantastic wine flight.  A particularly good date idea if you are in the early stages of romance and don’t want anything too heavy.  


Red Door 


Another Living Ventures success story, Red Door is a lesser known underground bar offering live music and great cocktails.  An atmospheric late night venue that will no doubt leave you having a few too many, but we’re not complaining about that!  It's safe to say if you end up at Red Door, you'll have a fun filled Valentine's Day.


 The Refinery


Offering a wide range of different cocktails, we rate The Refinery as one of the best cocktail bars in Manchester.   Based in Spinningfields, it's one of the newest bars in the fashionable district. The Refinery describe themselves as ‘a sanctuary in the city’ and we have to agree!  They've even created a Valentine’s cocktail, Singapore Fling, which we highly recommend and know your lady will enjoy. 


El Capo


Tequila and Taco Tuesday, what more could you want for a fun Valentine’s? This late night Mexican restaurant serving up authentic Mexican and South American dishes is sure to add some spice to your night!  Enough said.

So if you're still reading and think we’re playing it safe, take a look at some of our wild card suggestions!  Don't worry, as in our previous guide, they’ve all been suggested by some lovely women so you won't be in trouble! 


Axe Throwing


Now hear us out on this one! We know this isn't the obvious choice but that's why we love it! If you’re lady is a little bit competitive she's sure to love this as much as we do, plus you get to show off your inner hunter gatherer and let's be honest, what is more sexy to a woman than that!?  Be careful to give your Valentine a heads up so she doesn't turn up in her killer heals for this activity, or at least advise that she needs a change of footwear…


Go to to get booked in.


Valentine’s Dinner Cruise 

In our opinion this is one of our more romantic choices.  The lady in your life is sure to appreciate the extra effort on this one.  The cruise we have chosen includes not just bubbly but also a three course meal.  Talk about doing something a little bit different, who says us gents aren't imaginative?

Make sure you get this one booked this evening! Go to for more information. 


Moscow State Circus


It's official, the circus is in town and it's only one of the best in the world!  The Moscow State Circus presents Miracles and by the sounds of it, it's a miracle there are any tickets left for Valentine's Day, but there are so make sure you buy them now!  This will be an amazing way to spend the romantic day and it will be sure to add some excitement!  If it doesn’t keep you gripped and on the edge of your seats, well, we’ll eat our shirts (sorry, couldn’t resist that one). 


We hope this guide will aide you in wooing your lady but remember, a gentlemen should never kiss and tell. 


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A Gentleman's Guide to Valentine's Day.

A Gentleman's Guide to Valentine's Day.

So let’s cut straight to it, it’s just a week until Valentine’s Day and pretty much every man in the world is yet to even think about a present for the lady in his life.
Well, fear not gents, we understand that this might not be the most important date in your calendar, so to make it easier we’ve come up with a list of gift ideas designed to get your lady swooning.

How do we know it will work?  Well, that’s easy, we got the opinion of women!  (And they are always right… aren’t they?)

If you are reading this thinking ‘my girlfriend isn’t into Valentine’s Day and we’re not doing presents’ then perhaps you should think again, a real gentleman would at least get his significant other a card!  Make it a nice one too!
Take a gander at the categories below, identify where your lady might fit and find some ideal gifts for her.  If she’s not the type of woman you can put in just one box (women are rather complicated after all), why not mix and match? 

The Classic Lady


So she’s got a touch of class and elegance?  Make sure her gifts do too.


Roses, obviously.  Be sure to go to a local independent florist for your roses.  You’ll get a much better deal and fresher flowers that will last a lot longer.  




So you’re thinking jewellery, why not try Missoma London, a lesser known jewellery designer.  With lots of different options, you’re sure to find a thoughtful gift to personalise.  Our favourite is this beautiful ‘Silver Round Bracelet’, which can be engraved with both yours and her initials. 


Plus Missoma does next day delivery, perfect for the last minute shoppers.


 Available at for £98, engraving included.




Treat your lady to some luxury R&R at the Dilan&Grace Spa at King Street Townhouse.  A spa day here doesn’t come cheap but we promise it will be well worth it.  On the 7th floor overlooking Manchester Town hall, you will have access to the relaxation room, steam room and infinity spa pool.  Yes, I did say infinity spa pool.  Pure luxury.   


For Valentine’s Day, we’ve even sorted out some exclusive spa and treatment packages for our readers so speak to Dilan at Dilan&Grace Manchester and we promise he’ll look after you and your better half.  



More information about the spa can be found at  Prices for a full spa day with various treatments start at £125.



The Creative Lady


So your fairer half has a real creative side to her so the standard flowers and card might not make here eyes light up.  Fear not, for this lovely lady we’ve got plenty of great options!  Why not try one of these more interesting gifts.


‘A Personalised Solid Copper Polaroid Print’. These trendy Polaroids look like you have made a strong effort but really you can just send a photo to these guys and they will do the rest!  These are one of our favourites as everyone loves a good Polaroid, they are really thoughtful and lets face it, the copper finish will look great in just about any home.



Available from for £19.


‘A Gin Botanical Cocktail Garden Kit’.  This gift is perfect for the gin lover!  If you know she likes gin, you can’t go wrong!  Your lady can now grow all the herbs needed to make her own infused flavours – let the creative juices flow. 



Available from for £16.95


If you fancy getting your creative lady some jewellery, why not try the Manchester based designer Wandering Zingara for a one off.  These are all cool handmade pieces but our favourite at the moment is the ‘Turquoise Teardrop Silver Necklace’.


Available from WanderingZingara on for £78.



The Care-free Lady


At first it seems you may have hit the jackpot with a care-free lady, however these can often be the most difficult to buy for.  The key with this category is to make sure your presents for her are simple but thoughtful.    


Every woman loves to relax and unwind in a lovely bubble bath and we suggest trying out some Grace Cole luxury toiletries.  We love a Manchester based brand and what’s more, these bottles are full of beautiful ingredients and scents, what could suggest a more chilled and romantic evening?

You can even personalise these bottles!  We are huge fans.

Our suggestion would be the ‘Vanilla Blush and Peony Bath Soak’ with a personalised message on their already beautiful bottles.



Available from for £8.



Instead of spending a fortune on flowers, why not buy your fairer half something she can keep growing all year round?  This Click and Grow Herb Garden means literally anyone can grow their own herbs, it even waters itself!  We love it! 



Available from from £49.


The White Company can be rather pricey but something small and simple would be well received by the majority of women!  We suggest this Seychelles Heart Soap.  Not only is it beautifully packaged, it doesn't break the bank AND it's a heart shape, what more could you want?  Team this up with a candle or some Grace Cole and you’re on to a winner. 



Available from for £12.



Keep an eye out over the next few days for part two of ‘A Gentleman’s Guide to Valentine’s Day’, which will cover our top venue suggestions.

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If The Shoe Fits

If The Shoe Fits

Pardon the obvious statement here, but shoes, they're an essential part to everybody's outfit. No matter what the occasion.

We can sometimes become overwhelmed with the choice of different shoe type but most will already have a preference as to what shoe suits them.
Shoes, should without doubt be chosen wisely and be an investment. You'll be wearing your favourite pair most days, so it's always wise to chose the ones that are going to be able to keep up with you, stay strong and look good throughout the journey.
Here are our 5 favourite styles and the shirt we recommend to match them with.
1. The Double Monk

A perfect blend of function, fashion and comfort. 
Probably our favourite shoe style at the minute as a good pair of double monkstrap shoes offers something different to your friends or acquaintances. They add a different feel to many an outfit and will more often than not prompt a 
"I like your shoes" 
comment. Suede is a great texture for these shoes, but for a more formal approach, an Oxblood Leather will go down a treat.
Style with Dark Jeans, Winston Blue & a slim fitted Grey Double Breasted Jacket

2. The Classic Derby

As the title suggests, the Derby Shoe is an absolute classic and an essential for any well dressed man. They're as versatile as you need them to be, looking equally great with jeans as they do with formal trousers or a suit. A good pair of black Derby shoes are a solid investment and the style is one that will stand the test of time. Look after them properly & they will look after you.
Style with Dark Grey Jeans & Hamilton

3. The Brogue Boot

For the rainy, colder days. Suede in the rain is a no-go, unless you're angling for a new pair for your birthday but you're hit with the 
"but the ones you already have are fine" card. 
Anyway, a good pair of leather boots should be your go to choice in the Autumn / Winter months. Offering durability, function and above all, style. They look so good with a good pair of jeans and a quality piece of knitwear. A good leather pair will, again, last you a lifetime.
Style with Dark Wash Jeans, Victor in White & a Charcoal Merino Pullover

4. The Trainer

We're all busy gents, we know & sometimes we just want to don a comfortable pair of trainers to pop out in at the weekend. We're sticklers for simplicity and simple design. Big logo's (no names mentioned!) are not needed anymore. A well made pair of plain trainers will look great for your weekend activities. It's worth spending a little bit more on these and ensuring you find a pair that can keep their shape, comfort and durability.
Style with Black Skinny Jeans and Alfred

5. The Tassled Loafer

It's great to be different and wearing something that you know your friends aren't is always a good thing in our eyes. Tassled loafers are perfect for doing just that. Be adventurous with your choice of material too. These are perfect for lighter weather and in the summer months. Worn with jeans or shorts, they'll add that magic touch to your get-up. Again, avoid wearing these ones in the rain!
Style with Light Chino Shorts and an Orange Manning

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